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Oh, a tag I haven't done before! I was tagged by Nicole over at Legend of a Writer. Her posts are awesome and so fun that I highly recommend you go check out her blog and give her a follow! She talks about all sort of things, like the fandoms she loves, fantasy and her stories. Her thoughts on things are always brilliant to read.

(look at that. I saved this awful picture πŸ˜‚)

The rules:
  1. Thank the person who nominated you. (Thanks Nicole! Here's the link to the post that she tagged me in.) 
  2. Answer the questions.
  3. Ping back to the creator: Ellyn of Allonsythornraxx
  4. Nominate 5+ bloggers to do the tag.
The questions:

1. Why did you start blogging, and why have you kept blogging?
I started it because my sister said it would be a good idea to have one for building up my author's platform for publishing. I agree with her, even if a little reluctantly at first cause, well, it didn't sounded like fun for an introvert. But once I started writing the posts, I couldn't stop, and the community I found through blogging (both the one here on my blog and on other blogs I follow) are just amazing that I can't see myself quitting it anytime soon. 

2. What is your favourite type of blog post to write?
The ones about writing (my WIPs and other writing things), which I have barely done here. Something I hope to write more about this year. Also another post which I think I'll love writing about as well is a type of post I haven't done yet, so I can't really talk about it, can I? πŸ˜‰

3. What are your top three favourite blog posts?
πŸ‘€ Great question. Let's see...

Honorable mentions:

I'm proud of the work I put into these posts. Like I feel like I put a certain significant amount of effort into them that they feel different from the effort I put into other posts on here. If that makes sense at all.

4. What are some of your favourite things to do to relax?
Anything that isn't writing or study. So reading, making collages, listening to music, writing blog posts, reading blogs, watching movies, walking outside, playing games, watching YouTube, scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest.
5. What are three of your favourite things?

6. What are your proudest blogging moments?
I have many. Here's the copy and paste list:

Got tagged with tags
Participated in a readathon  
Did a cover reveal
Joined a linkup
Signed up for a blog tour
Read my first ARC book
Got a shoutout on another blog

7. What are your hobbies outside of blogging?
Reading. Literally. Besides writing, which isn't a hobby to me but a career choice, I just read for fun mostly. I rarely read for education.  

8. Describe your personality in three words.
Timid, passionate, imaginative  

9. What are your top three pet peeves?
1. Dog-earring a book. Just... why. do. people. do. this. I don't understand. You're being cruel to the book.
2. Door not being properly closed and then banging against the frame... over and over and over again. It drives me nuts.
3. Music too loud in a room. It is especially annoying when no one can hear you and your ears want to die.

10. What's something your followers don't know about you?
I'm an Australian. One or two of you already knows this because you are part of a discord server I'm on where I told this for the first time. Otherwise, as far as I know, none of you knows this.

Aaannddddddd now we at the spot that I kinda of hate doing. I could tag people for this and I do want to tag people, but I just tagged those people a month ago so here is how it is going to work:
You, reader, are unofficially tagged to do this because I do want to know more about you. I hope that you feel urged to do this. Also, if you have happened to have done this tag already, well, share the link below! I would love to read it. 😊
I have a special post coming up, so stay tuned for that! (I'm actually really excited to share these thoughts and hear yours on it!)

Go forward, Virtual Paper Adventurers! 

Also, would love, love, if you guys tell me what collage you want to see! Any character or WIP, including those mentioned in my 2020 wrap-up. I'm really not sure what to create next, so your feedback would be so helpful! 


  1. Reading is the best hobby! Your Australian that's so cool!
    I might do this one at some point.

    1. YESSS. So glad you agree! Yes! Aww, thanks! ^-^
      Oh, yay, I would love to read your answers if you do!!!

  2. This is awesome! What kind of movies do you like to watch? And you totally described me with those three words. πŸ˜‚
    That's so cool that you're Australian!! I'm Canadian, so I guess we live pretty far apart. XD

    1. Thank you! Oh, it is hard to mention all of the types I like, but I love Disney, Marvel, action films contemporary stories, mysteries and I feel like I'm missing a lot of others but I can't think of anymore. Nice! We have a new thing in common. :)
      Thanks! Oh, I didn't realise that you're a Canadian! That's so cool too!! Yeah, we do. XD

  3. That's so cool that you're Australian! I think Australian accents are super cool! I've never met anyone who doesn't live in either the States or Canada. Crazy, huh?!? I'm Canadian like Alabama. We actually live in the same town.
    Super cool post!

    1. Thanks! I do too! Though I don't think I have much of an Australian accent myself unfortunately. Ah, that makes sense though! Everyone I know online save for two people are American or Canadian. Actually, I may know of someone from England but I'm not sure with her. So it isn't that crazy to me? Oh, that's so cool!! So you two have met in real life?
      Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. ^-^

  4. I loved learning more about you! (hehe, I'm one of the people who knew you are Australian. *grins*) And ugh, all of your pet-peeves annoy me too! Especially dog-earing books! Just why!? Which reminds me, I just got a library book the other day and found one page folded completely in half! The horror! >.<

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed this! (Yep!) Ah, nice! I knew I wasn't the only one with these. I know, right? I honestly I can't find a good reason for it personally. OH MY GOODNESS, THE POOR BOOK! *cries on behalf of its pain*

  5. This is such a fun tag!
    I loved reading your answers.
    Reading is one of my biggest hobbies, too.
    Ok, I had NO idea you're Australian. That's so cool.

    1. It is!
      Thank you!
      Oh, that's so awesome! Reading is so a hobby when you think about the amount of time a bookworm puts in for reading book after book. Go reading as a hobby!
      Haha, I guess my grammar nor the time zone difference tip you off then. Thanks! ^-^

  6. I LOOOVED LEARNING MORE ABOUT YOU, GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! I'm also the same way with the dog-earring a book. Like WHY??!! WHYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD Also *gasp* I KNEW IT!!!!! YES!!! I had guessed that you were Australian but didn't know if I was right. YIPEE!!! I WAS RIGHT!!!! *jumps up and down* If you're wondering how I knew that I shall explain it in a ridiculous story....
    It began when I noticed how you spelled "favorite" and stuff like that. ;) It was very British.
    And in your year wrap-up post, you called HP Harry Potter and the PHILOSOPHER'S STONE!!!!!!!!
    THEN Kat had pointed out how your dates on the blog are like a day ahead of us. (We're just plain ole Americans. XD)
    AND THEN THE REAL POINTER CAME!!!!!! On the stats for TWN it kept showing a continuous click from someone who lived in Australia. I had no clue who else it could be and since it was pretty frequent I knew it had to be a regular visitor. But WHO?! Well, the only person I could think of was you! AND I WAS RIGHT!!!!! Oh, yeah. *puts on suuper cool sunglasses*

    1. THANK YOU! I'm so glad you enjoy it! YESS, It makes my bookish heart cry! :( That's awesome! I honestly thought a lot more people would guess that from the clues I left behind... YES, you are RIGHT! *jumps up and down with you* Ooh... *grabs popcorn*
      Haha, yeah, I refuse to spell "favourite" or "colour" as "favorite" or "color". Why, thank you, haha. Believe me we don't sound very British when we say them in real life. XD
      YESS! That is the version of the title we get here! For you guys, it is the Sorcerer's Stone?
      Yep! It is kinda of confusing sometimes. I have to think backwards for you guys. XD (Nothing wrong with that! <3)
      Hehehe. You can probably tell how much I love visiting your blog! <3 Yeah, as far as I know, I am the only Australian visiting your blog so good guess! Haha, yes!!! WOOP WOOP! Nice sunglasses by the way!

    2. Lol, yeah, if I were you I wouldn't spell it the American (for lack of a better word) way. Lol! XDD
      Yep, for us it's the Sorcerer's Stone. Sometimes I forget it's different for other people. Though, why is it different? They could've just left it as it was. *shrugs*
      Haha, Yeah, but hey, I like knowing that you enjoy visiting my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I check yours out a lot, too!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol, yes, I'm pretty sure you're the only Australian visiting TWN. ;) Though we actually get a LOT of clicks from India for some unknown reason. *deep in thought* Lol, THANK YOU!! *bows dramatically*

    3. Oh, really? That's interesting.
      I thought so. I'm used to it now. I think it is something to do with it being more relatable and understood for the different culture it reaches out to. I personally don't understand their need for it, but it's what they do sometimes. *shrugs too*
      Awww. You do? I can't tell. Most of my audience is American so... Oh, interesting! I wonder who it is... *goes deep in thought with you* You're welcome!! ^-^


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