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The "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" Fairy Tale Tag

I got tagged three times during my hiatus, but first I need to do this tag as it is a linkup and it is part of an event that happens every February I believe. So yes. This is important to do before the end of February. (Can you spot all of the books in this picture? Also do you prefer several books spread out or a close-up picture of one book? Feedback is welcome!)   This tag was created by Fairy Tale Central and here is the original post . The questions: 1. Your father the king has declared a contest for your hand in marriage. But he's allowing you to decide what kind of competition it will be. What do you choose? Is there a penalty for losing, or do the losers just go home while the winner remains to marry you? I would love to have a competition like in An Uncertain Choice by Jody Hedlund. (Don't know what I'm talking about, read the book. It is good.) And yes, the losers would be allowed to just go home.   2. You've just been told that you're the Chosen One - th

One Word for my Writing in 2021

Hello, I am back with my second post for 2021 (which is much more shorter than my last one). This is a reflection on a post I read from the Go Teen Writers site. I thought it would be cool to talk about why I picked the word I did and also this might help me get this word really in mind for 2021. (Here's the post that started this whole thing: What word do you want to define your writing in 2021 ) To be honest, when I first read this post I thought my word was "focus". But after my writing experience in January, I don't think focus is the right word. I think focus is the word I want for my writing but isn't what I need to help with my writing, if that makes sense. Because focus will quickly become discouraging when focus isn't really what I am doing now with my writing. I just can't focus the way I envisioned it. I just can't focus without being depressed about the little I have done. Focus is helpful and a good word, and I think it still applies for m

Would You Be... (My WIPs Themed Tag)

I'm back, with a special original tag for my blog's birthday! The 10th of February is its birthday so.... Happy Birthday, Virtual Paper! *throws confetti and passes out cake* So anyway, back to the tag. I decided to make a tag cause I thought it would be so fun to, not only tell people about more of my worlds of my main WIPs, but also get the blogging community to be involved with it! So the rules are this: Link this post so everyone can see the descriptions. List only the names of the positions or beings at the beginning or the end of your post.    Read each description carefully from each WIP category. Pick 1 position/being from each category. It can only be 1. More than 1 is not allowed. Explain why you picked these.  Tag people if you can. I'm not picking, I'm only telling the descriptions of the 4 positions or beings from each WIP. I will not including any of the new stories ideas I mentioned in my last post or including Age, since it doesn't have any positions