Writing Projects

Here are my writing projects that I'm working on (which means I'm working on all of these at the moment). These can be subject to change anytime with new developments.

The FHE series
book one
Our Scattered Ashes
Genre: Dystopian
Status: Unable to record word count at present
As a cyborg soldier, Smoke has no purpose when the war ends. His only fate now is being put asleep and never waking up again.
But his military commander has other plans for the cyborgs. One that involves them either hiding away or hiding in plain sight. Smoke is to be one of those of the latter option, now forced to suppressed the impulses that have been part of his natural being for two years.  
While still adapting to his new lifestyle, he learns that his twin sister is alive and well - when she should be dead. After all the rumours and false ends, it is the truth or yet another lie? If it is the truth, can he overcome his hurt? If it is a lie, can he live with himself? 

Genre: Fantasy
Status: Outline 2# stage
Storyworld song: Believer - Instrumental by Sybrid
Doppelgangers are children who are born at the same time, the same hour, same minute, same second. They looked exactly like each other. Together, they can mimic to the finest detail of any person they see, including their every action. But rarely do they ever meet.
Theron discovers he has a doppelganger and goes to seek him out, who is a prince called Aillard. The two become inseparable. But Aillard doesn't know any of the secrets Theron is hiding.
Then the two get captured by a man named Keir. All his secrets are exposed... but deception on Theron's part is the least of their worries when a deadly power rises underneath all the beauty of their world.

The Silent Nation
Genre: Dystopian
Status: Planning stage
An immortal empress
Evil computers
Mute rebels
Naomi and her boyfriend got caught after doing a mission to free their country from the controlling Empress and her computer system. Since killing is loathed, the system uses other means - like making the rebels mutes and slaves. After the incident, Naomi wakes up to find herself just like that. And having no idea if her boyfriend is still alive.
Liam was chosen since he was a boy to be a law keeper. Because of that, he was well educated - he can read and write, a privilege in his country. The day has come for him to take his position. Though he doesn't like the computer system, he believes this position can fully protect his sister from the society he works for.
When Naomi and Liam meet, things get complicated. Naomi believes he can help her, especially when she learns of his lack of loyalty. And the more Liam gets to know her, the more he wants to protect her. Add a mysterious girl whose nervous of the norm robots, Liam finds he's playing the rebel game. And that never ends well.

Genre: Fantasy
Status: Planning/building stage
Storyworld song: Warriors by Imagine Dragons
A nation torn in two
Three armies battling against each other
Plagues looming just on the horizon that may destroy everything
Nathan hides himself behind a mask. He can be anywhere he wants without anyone ever knowing he was there. His only job is to kill those who pose the most threat on his side of the war. When a mysterious girl asks him to kidnap the leader of the other side, he is out of his comfort zone.
What was the end of the war was also the beginning of what could be the doom of Snakearaha if they don't do something before it's too late.

The Nine Siblings Trilogy
Book one
Genre: Fantasy/steampunk
Status: Planning stage
Nine siblings and their parents are separated from each other because they are family of "dangerous beings" called Willows. Their parents are sent to exile while each sibling is placed into a different home scattered across the land. Expect for one, who was away at boarding school at the time and escaped before they could get him. He was assumed dead later on.
Years passed, and he threats to overthrow the humans who had taken everything away from him, his family and his people. He builds an army of the exiled Willows and their children who are forced to hide their ability and be normal in society or risk imprisonment.
Desperate, the humans called together the rest of the nine siblings to stop him. But will they help them or their brother?
(Planning to use four siblings' view, including the villain one)

Mind and Soul
Genre: Superhero/science fiction
Status: Planning stage
What seems like had come of nowhere, Taavetti finds himself a Mind Reader - and its only rewards are headaches whenever he's near someone and his thoughts getting crowded out by ones not his own.  Unable to think properly, especially at school, his grades go from best to worse. Not only that but his power is automatically a criminal offence and he will be locked away for life.
Then one of his teachers reveals that he has powers like him and can teach him to control his mind reading. He takes up the offer. It is then that he meets his teacher's family - his wife, two sons and two daughters, who all help him to get complete control of his power.
But the longer he is with them, the more danger he is in from the organisation who hunts down those with powers for the good of society and villains who wish use them for their evil schemes, but who, as well, grant them freedom to use their powers at will. 
Taavetti knows one thing for sure in his mess of a life - he wants to feel normal again.

Genre: Fantasy
Status: Brainstorming stage
(Will write blurb when I have names for the characters)