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Why I Don't Plan to Write Bad Book Reviews

This is an updated version.  Today, I want to state reasons of above topic. Called it a bonus post as it is still March and I've written three posts already. And if you're wondering why... it's better to write thoughts while the idea is fresh. Something I keep on learning about. Anyway, a day or so ago, I was thinking of book reviews. More specifically book reviews on blogs. Writer blogs. They do good and sometimes bad reviews. But these bad reviews are good in the sense that they not only write about what they didn't like but also what they did like and the reasons behind them. They are the sort of reviews that make you thoughtful, evaluate if you agree or don't agree and if you wish to read it yourself or skip it. It's even more helpful if you can get two different reviews on the same book - the good and the bad - from writers that you trust their tastes links to yours. And that also got me thinking that I wouldn't do good bad reviews. My reasons are: I d

2019 Highlights, part 3 - The Final

Okay, so since I started blogging, I felt more inspired than I ever did before (plus starting writing again) and so there are many things I wrote about during those few months, including January, before I switched to here. I've shared two of those things already. But I'm also thinking that I should move from 2019 and write new stuff. So what I'm doing today is to write a short, hopefully not too long, summary of it all that so you know what had been on my heart then. 1. I wrote a review on the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer because I loved them so much. I'm going to do again as I want to share all my favourite books some time in the future. Lunar Chronicles would be the first when I do that. A heads up 😊. 2. I wrote about Solomon's Throne which was described 1 Kings 10:18-20. I mentioned because it's going to be an important object in my series, The Cost of the Throne. 3. I wrote about what had inspired my first book. The bare details are that it was

2019 Highlights, part 2 - When I Stopped Writing

While this one happened in 2019, I haven't written about it before. Only now do I feel compelled to share it. So, as the the title states, I stopped writing completely for a period, sometime in the middle of the year, winter. All I did basically was read. And watch movies when I got so tired of reading or my sister wanted to watch a movie with me. (I believe it was the holidays as I only remember doing this stuff and nothing else, except eat and sleep and other stuff like that. Eventually, it traveled into school days when I still wasn't writing.) Why this happened you may ask? Well, not sure how it happened, but somehow God revealed a part of myself that I never thought of. That I was using my stories for a place to escape and for comfort instead of God. I can't lie - it was painful and shocking. I felt empty, like I was missing something. But I wasn't. I was just missing something I didn't need, something I had for most of my life. That's why it felt the way

What You Can Learn from Unfinished Books

Recently, I was reading a book that I was quite enjoying when I came across something that made me put it down. It was sad because I was enjoying the story so much, especially the world and plot. It inspired me actually. Which made me think of how, though I didn't finish it, I still learned something from it. It was alternative dimensions, something I had seen before but only now had fascinate me and made me consider it for future purposes. This also led me to think of some other books that I picked up but never finished, some barely started even. And how I could learn from these too, whether it is something to write later or not to write. Mostly not to write, to be honest, but that is so important to know so you don't have your stories with the things that makes you stop reading. The things like style of writing, how you give information, descriptions and all the stuff that makes up the writing side of storytelling. So, the point of this is to say to make the most of the boo