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Hunger Cover Reveal

Well, look at that. I'm posting today. *surprise from the crowd* But don't get excited because I'm still on hiatus. And this is scheduled, so I'm not actually here when this post shows up. Anyway, I'm doing another cover reveal!!!!!!!!!! I am so honoured to be part of this cover reveal day for this book, Hunger by Jill Williamson, the second book in the  Thirst Duology , prequel to the Safe Lands Trilogy. I haven't read the Safe Lands  books or Thirst  and I am very sad that I haven't yet.    Here's the blurb (probably containing spoilers for book 1, fair warning): In wake of a pandemic, Eli and his friends find a thriving community that offers free housing, food, and thankfully, safe drinking water But something is amiss. The residents spend most their time partying and attending concerts. No one seems concerned that the virus is still out there. When Eli tries to leave, he discovers a fence has been built to keep him, and everyone else, inside. Hanna

Yearly Wrap-Up + A Hiatus

A lot of people do monthly wraps and they are pretty cool to read. (You get little insight into their life which you usually won't get otherwise.) But I can't be bothered (and I don't think my life is that interesting to write about every month) so I am planning to write a yearly one every year. This will be long. (picture of books I got in 2020, but I haven't read them yet except for one) Books I didn't mean to list all of the books I read this year in 2020. It just happened. I was just planning to mention favourites. But *shrugs* I got so into listing them that I decided to keep the whole list. Also it is cool to see how many books I actually read this year  in 2020. And I'm not going to talk about all of these books in this list. Just my top favourites and a few books that, while not favourites, are getting mentions because I feel I should for reasons you will find out. Owned books I read this year in 2020:   A Loyal Heart by Jody Hedlund A Worthy Heart by