Christian Topics: Living Faith

I plan this to be a series. I have two other topics on my mind so far.
I meant to write this ages ago but just didn't get there. Also, I just didn't have the right words to explain the topic. I found it in the book of James, which I will cover in a little while.
This was first prompted by a conversation in a bible study one night when I and another girl were talking about faith. Then I got this sort of revelation. Faith is meant to be living with Christ daily. We shouldn't just have faith. Faith isn't meant to be that way. Faith is meant to be active. 
I always knew that as a Christian, my faith should show. But I didn't understand the deep meaning of living faith until that night. We should walk with faith, talk with faith, every single action we do should be with faith.
Now, I know this is not the first time we heard this before. I know I haven't. Sometimes, though, the very simple things are the ones we don't understand completely. I didn't realise the impact of a Christian and their faith. The real, amazing faith that lacking in us today and seen in the "greats". 
Why are they so great? Because of their faith. If we take time to really look into their lives, we will see that it is their simple acts of faith that made a difference in the world. Look at Hebrews 11 as a place to start. You will find that their moments were them simply saying to God, "I have faith in You." Some of their acts were little like just walking with God faithfully until the end of their days. Job, for example, didn't do anything amazing except still believe in God despite everything. Others did miracles or led people into the desert to a new land or fought battles in the LORD's name. Those are what we call great things. But they all came from the same simple act of faith like the others. Faith is no greater with a great work, nor it is less great with just a step in faith.
But having true faith is hard, guys. A lot of days, I am walking out of step of living faith. Sometimes I don't even realise that my faith at that moment is dead.
Yep, I used the word James used to describe faith without works in James 2:14-26. Have you ever wondered why he said such words? Because faith is not real without the action. It is like believing in fantasies. It may seem real to us but it's not for everyone else. And again faith is not meant to be like that.
Faith is meant to be the proof of God's existence. What is the point of having faith if it is hidden? And on the other side, what is the point of doing good works if you have no faith? Faith and good works are meant to be hand in hand. Having faith in God should lead to good works. They are meant to be one, not two separate things.
Faith is meant to be powerful. You're meant to be powerful in faith. 
But you shouldn't mistake this statement meaning that you should be doing miracles, or saving people, or preaching the gospel on a weekly basis. Yes, those things are awesome and should be encouraged by the church, but those things, in my opinion, are things that only God should you lead to. Those things are not to be pressured into. Cause you need your own faith into those things, your own passion for it. If God wants you to do that, then you'll have those things no problem. It doesn't mean you won't struggle, but it will be something on your heart and it won't go away, even if you want it too.
The point here is that your very lifestyle should reflect your faith, as I had on touched on above. The simple, the boring, the exciting, the normal, the crazy, the bad, every little part of your life that you experience should be with actions that display your faith in some little way. It doesn't have to be big. It could be as simple and plain as not talking back with words that hurt. It could be deciding to be kind when you want to be mean toward someone. It could be not letting yourself be drag down by life's troubles and stresses. It could be anything. I'm sure you can think of many others. Cause life sucks in every little way.
But it doesn't have to be so. Cause acting out in faith makes life a little better. Trusting in God, believing in God, helps in a way that I can't really explain. And this leads me to have living faith. Not just faith. Not just works. But both together in perfect balance.
This may seem hard, but all you have to do is live for Christ. Make a decision every day that you want to put him first. And everything will fall into place. Again, this is doesn't mean you won't have off days or perfect days. There's always room for improvement, growth and mistakes. It is about making faith a little more part of your life that people notice and question. It is about showing the God you have a relationship with. It is about being like Jesus, mirroring his life with your own.

(Ha, ha, I'm sorry if this post is a mess. I wrote sections of this one or two months apart since first starting in June or July, I think. I can't quite remember, it was that long ago.)
(Also this is very inspired in the moment, as in not planned, so another reason why it may be a mess 😂)

Feel free to leave any comments. Agreeing, disagreeing (though I ask you to be kind if so), adding something I miss. Go ahead. I love hearing from you!


  1. This was so beautifully put, Ribbon Ash! I completely agree that faith comes first and the works come from God. Thanks for sharing! <3

    1. Thank you. :) That's cool! It felt like such a revelation when I wrote down. And it is something people in general don't understand. I only just figured it out myself. As in got the full understanding of it. Writing down it really helped fleshed out the idea I had for a while. Really, this whole post did that for a bunch of ideas. :D
      Aww, you're welcome. Thanks for reading. <3


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