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This is really just an extension of my introduction post. But I thought I should tell more about myself (as all the others do). If you're interested to read on.
What do I like and do as a Christian?
Well, for me, it is getting up every morning and reading my bible then praying the specific topics for the day (yes, I organised my prayers so to have focus and something to pray for when I might be out of ideas), plus sometimes praying whatever is on my heart (which is me rambling to God about something for a while.) I go to two different churches (I take turns) and youth group. I try to involve God daily with my life, like praying through things and randomly talking to him. I let His Word effect my thoughts and hopefully will influence my behaviour and my writing more with time. (My thought prompt I like to remember: what would godly things look like in a fantasy setting?) 
I love the bible, I love Christian Pop, I love what it means to be a Christian, I love the fellowship of a real church.
What do I write and why?
You probably notice that in my writing projects that my stories are either fantasy or dystopian. So, yep, that's what I like to write at the moment. I have been thinking about fantasy/science fiction in a contemporary setting and mystery, but we'll see.
Why I do this is easy to explain. Basically, I started having the impulse to write but never really could. Then I could... It changed everything. But somewhere along in the journey, I decided my main purpose to write was to show God. What I mean in saying "show God" is that I wanted to show His character, what a relationship with Him was like. That bloomed into how he saw humans and how we should see ourselves through his eyes rather than our own filter.
With this in mind, I also want to mention the specifics I want to write in my stories: I want to show beauty in brokenness, purity in darkness and worth in worthlessness. Of course in a way that is relatable and real. That it will help my readers in some way in their situations, even if it's just a small encouragement or remind them to love themselves as they are. I think we forget to appreciate how amazing and beautiful we are as humans.
What are my other loves?
The reading part you know but what do I love reading? The obvious ones would be fantasy, dystopian and mystery (because why would I attempt to write them if I hate them?) but I also love reading historical fiction, romance (clean), retellings and, once in a while, contemporary. I'll be lying if I didn't say I like contemporary, it's just that it's not a genre I'll pick up every year. (Hence why has not attempted a normal contemporary story. It doesn't interested me as much as the ones I'm writing now and reading.)
Movies have become a family time or some extra thing to do if I'm really bored. Few of my favourites are Disney animation (I love quite a lot of them), Marvel, Kendrick Brothers movies (not disappointed by them yet) and Once Upon A Time TV series.
I also recently got into reading writer's blogs. I kept finding new ones and I'm like "I have to read all the blog posts!". Especially when I go into the my books/WIPs/my writing projects page. Their stories capture me and I really want to support them in following their journey.
What will Virtual Paper be about?
Like I said in my introduction post, it's my journal and it's going to host my thoughts on whatever I find worth talking about. Like life and what I experienced from it, my writing journey, introductions into my characters, worlds and creatures, Bible stuff (bible verses, inspiration from scriptures), Christian topics (what is my opinion?), writing tips, writing experiences, writing inspiration, writer ramblings, songs and book reviews on my favourites. And maybe responses to blog posts that I can't resist putting my thought onto to. Plus tags! I think covered everything...


  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!! This blog is A M A Z I N G!!!!!!!!!! And I LOVE how you want to "show God" in your writing! I'm the same way!!! Aaaannnddd, I'm the same way when it comes to other author's blogs! It's like I've gotta support them and then it's like aahhh how do I have to time to support literally every author out there. XD ANyways, can't wait for more posts!!

    1. THANK YOU! *blushes* Thanks! God is truly my first reason for writing and without Him I wouldn't write. It's clear that He was the one who got me to write - not just write but really write. I wrote and finish my first novel because of Him. Oh, that's so cool! It is a worthy goal, though a difficult one. I still don't know how to "show God" yet like the way I want it to be. I guess it will happen some day.
      Haha, yes, it is such a struggle! Too many awesome people! Sadly, I have to resigned myself to supporting only the people I feel the urge to support. I wish I could support more than I can.
      Aww, thank you! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment here!

  2. I agree with you on this one, Fantasy and Dystopian stories are amazing! I'm super excited to continue reading your posts and I'm super happy to be on here! I love reading other writer's stories and journeys! What are your favorite books to read?
    Once upon a time! I've heard about that TV series! I have yet to watch it, but I'm going to find a time to sit down and start it! I've also heard that Marvel is just AMAZING! I really want to start the series and I keep telling myself, okay this weekend is going to be the weekend that I'm going to start the movies. And I'm always busy, XD. But AHHH I cannot wait to start it and be able to fangirl over the movies with you! <33

    1. YES, fantasy and dystopian are so my favourites genres and I don't think I'll ever be sick of them. :D Aww, thank you so much! <3 I hope you enjoy being around here. Same! Are you a writer? Favorite books? As in specific books I read? Once or more than once?
      It's amazing! Though, yes, it requires of spare time! So long but worth it. :D Yesss, that will be amazing! I would love to fangirl (and rant if you desire that XD) about it with you when you start it! And trust me when I say that Marvel only gets better the more you watch! The new TV shows are just amazing! <3

    2. Same! They are the genres that last forever! I am a writer! (Hmm, I wonder if you are one) NO, just kidding XD. I know you are one! (Okay I feel like that joke went flat. Oh well XD) Umm, just any books! Specific books that you could read over and over again!
      Ooh, I can't wait to fangirl with you over Marvel! Alrighty, that makes me even MORE excited to watch the movies and TV shows!!!!

    3. Oh, awesome! What do you write about? Haha, yeah, I was like just confused that you saying you were wondering if I'm a writer when I clearly say so above. Hmmm, so far I've shown myself to be not much of a rereader person, but there are certain series I would definitely reread. There are also some books that I might read and would collect if I have the money, but I don't know if I ever will get around to reading them you know? But the series I'm sure I would reread are Sisters of Sword and Song, The Memory Thief, The Lunar Chronicles, Fawkes, An Uncertain Choice series, Hagenheim series, Six of Crows and Shadow and Bone Trilogy (I don't recommend the last two series if you can't handle with not clean sort of fiction or quite young.)

    4. I can't wait either to fangirl about Marvel with you! Oh, yay! If I can make people more excited, then my job is complete! XD


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