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Two Views of a Wedding

I've realised that talking about my sister's wedding after it's been a month now is a little late considering how everyone else has touched on it and moved on. But I'm doing it anyway. So, my sister married in January. It was a beautiful day, no smoke from any of the fires that we had at the time (Thank the LORD, the worst of it is all over now) and not too hot that everyone died from overheating. I was a bridesmaid. Though we spent most of our time getting photos taken, I had so much fun socializing, eating food and dancing at the end. Overall, as a wedding goes, it was perfect, not just the weather. A few months back, I think in September, there was another wedding for one of my older sister's friends. I served as a waitress there handing out chips and seasons mostly. It was a little chaotic but we (I was teamed with my younger sister and two other girls) still managed to handle it. The worst for me was a misunderstanding that didn't affect anything but my p

2019 Highlights, part 1 - A Lesson from a Fault

Today, I thought of sharing the things I wrote down in another short-lived blog in 2019. These are things that I learned and experienced since September and December. This piece was written in October and the first thing I wrote in a blog ever. Recently, I have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. At first, because I was so sick with the flu, I didn't really feel the shock of the news for couple of days. My family felt the shock for me. My feeling at the time was, "Oh, I have diabetes!" Even when I got better, moved on to my own private ward (I was contagious) and having every meal with insulin injected into my stomach, I didn't feel the effect until the last day. I had enough of hospital then and just wanted to go home. Walking out of that place, I had feeling that I was a different person. And I was. The way I saw things seem different. I felt distant from everything. Sorta of the feeling of mere existing but not living. I was resigned and depressed. Every mornin

Introduction Post

So, this is the post where I introduce me. First off, I'm a child of God and I love every day spending time with Him.  Second, I'm an aspiring writer. I have four series and two standalones with other ideas floating around seeing if they're good enough to be future stories. They probably will but at the moment I'm ignoring them because I already have too many stories to deal with. I'm also a bookworm. I'm always finding new books to read and when I run out of books I don't know what to do with myself. It's just weird without having a book to read, okay? I was a bookworm before I was a writer. I'm a Diabetic too since late August last year. Type one, if you're wondering. Why Virtual Paper? If you're curious why this blog is called virtual paper, it's because I'm a strange writer and don't like writing in real books. Love reading real books but not writing in them. I've tried to, but doesn't work for me. So, all