Which of my WIPs Would Make Epic Movies?

Updated version: 13/1/2021
So I am doing something fun today for this post. And, as you can guess from the title, I am going to talk about my WIPs and how epic they would be (if done right) as a movie.
But first, what do I mean by epic? Well, to me, not an official definition, an epic movie is a movie that is visually appealing and amazing to watch. An epic movie has to be aesthetic and have a lot of action (maybe a lot of colour too but we all know that dull colours can be still epic so that is optional). Pretty, beautiful, mind-blowing, wonderful, awesome. As examples, Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Avatar are good movies that fulfill the epicness of a movie. The fact that I found Lord of the Rings movies too long and Avatar weak with its plot doesn't matter here. The main point is sharing movies that I believe most people have watched and will understand what I am thinking as epic.   
I got this thought a while ago. It just popped into my head one day to think about how epic a movie my WIPs would make. Then I decided to share that whole thought process with you, but hadn't gotten around to it yet (too many ideas to share) until now.
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Anyway, I am ordering them alphabetically, so this is not based on writing stage (like my page is) or favourite (not that I have one)

Would (insert WIP's name here) make an epic movie?


While I am still figuring out the plot and such with Age, I do have an idea that this story could possibly an epic movie. I can't say anything more on the subject since most of it isn't confirmed yet. 

FHE series

  Okay, so the answer for this one is yes and no. Yes, because it is a dystopian and has cyborgs fighting each other in some scenes, but mostly no, I think, because it is more an internal character's battle than anything else and happens to be related to the external battle. Personally, I think it would make a better book than a movie overall.

Mind and Soul

Now this one would make an epic movie just based on the fact that it has a superhero vibe more than anything else. But again, I feel that the overall story would not be that epic a movie just because it is a more soft superhero story, and that you would miss so much an experience with the protagonist (he's a mind reader after all). You just can't get into people's heads as well in movies, you know?


This one would be 99% an epic movie. The visuals would be great, since the main setting is in a theatre, and there are doppelgangers, dancers, masked people and others who dress in fascinating costumes. There are mirrors too. Mirrors usually look great in movies. Also a good theme that would play so well in a movie. Plus my main character and his interaction with the other main character would be so fun and amusing to watch. 


Oh, yes, I want to see this as a movie. This story has the potential to be epic. Battles, dragons, other mythical creatures like horses and cats, beautiful Chinese-like settings, plagues... I just cannot describe just what an amazing thing it would be as a movie. There are so many images in my mind about the world and characters (how they dress) that would so pleasing to the eye, plus a great story, that it would work 100% as an epic movie (that is assuming that one or the other won't fail).

The Nine Siblings Trilogy
Just the end battle alone would make a good scene in a movie. Again, the settings, creatures and battles would make it epic. Plus the main characters have awesome powers that will work well on screen. And it has a powerful story and message with it. It is ideal. 

The Silent Nation

It has the potential, and it would be interesting to see in movie form. Cause how cool would be to watch a protagonist who couldn't speak at all? In a dystopian society? With the classic rebels trying to fix the fallen Utopian city? It so does have the potential. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed me rumbling about just how epic my stories could be that they could be epic movies as well. 😛 Have a great rest of the week!
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Your turn! If you're a writer, what book of yours would make an epic movie? If you're a bookworm, what book that you have read (that hasn't been made into a movie yet) would make an epic movie? 


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