Would You Be... (My WIPs Themed Tag)

I'm back, with a special original tag for my blog's birthday!
The 10th of February is its birthday so.... Happy Birthday, Virtual Paper! *throws confetti and passes out cake*
So anyway, back to the tag. I decided to make a tag cause I thought it would be so fun to, not only tell people about more of my worlds of my main WIPs, but also get the blogging community to be involved with it!
So the rules are this:
  1. Link this post so everyone can see the descriptions.
  2. List only the names of the positions or beings at the beginning or the end of your post.   
  3. Read each description carefully from each WIP category.
  4. Pick 1 position/being from each category. It can only be 1. More than 1 is not allowed.
  5. Explain why you picked these. 
  6. Tag people if you can.
I'm not picking, I'm only telling the descriptions of the 4 positions or beings from each WIP. I will not including any of the new stories ideas I mentioned in my last post or including Age, since it doesn't have any positions or beings in its world. At least not ones that interestingly different than other stories and not ones that make up to 4.

So is the tag called, cause I'm original, Would You Be Tag.
(feel free to take this image for your post. This is just a picture of my own copy of Captive Kingdom and this whole thing is design to be shared, so if you wish to do so, go ahead)

Would you be...
(All pictures below are taken from Pinterest. All rights belong to the owners and the sources that they from. If I have used a picture wrongly please tell me and I will remove it. This stands for all of the pictures from Pinterest I have used. I respect copy rights.) 

From the world of Snakearaha:

Assassin Soldier?
Description: Basically they are the typical assassins, but the main difference is that they don't kill for politics or money, but for the war. They were created by Zyes to get an upper hand on the situation of war - which did gave him a big advantage against Marcus' army. Their job is to sneak around, find and kill important important people in Marcus' army. It is also their job to be part of battles but their main job is to kill only the important people on the battle field. They will not kill unimportant people unless necessary.

They cover themselves from head to toe in black, are completely faceless. They wear full face masks. They have no identity, no history, no name, no house, no status, no existence beyond being the Assassin Soldier. They are people who had completely forsaken their old lives, their past selves, to be basically nothing, be no one in the eyes of society. They are fugitives, either because they are protecting themselves or they hate their life or they are keeping secrets. They are also known to be passionate haters of Marcus.     

Dragon Shapeshifter? 
Description: People who can turn into dragons, but they have specifics. They only come from the ocean (which is actually a giant lake, but since it is so wide and big and salty, the people call it an ocean) and they only have dark coloured skin, though are exceptions.   

 The colour of the dragon they transform into differs with the colour of their hair, the decorations on their skin and even the real dragons they hang out with. Using the pictures above as examples, the first guy would have dark green tint and white colours for his transformation dragon. The other one would have blue and gold patterns for his, with also feathers on the tips of his wings and ears, judging from the position of the feathers on his person.
Their eyes are always gold, and they glow when in contact with the ocean or when they are about to transform. The ocean is their source power and without it they can't transform. The desire to become a dragon is so strong that the person will force to become one, especially if they are close to the ocean. The golden eyes are believed to be a glimpse of their power source but no one is able to find it before drowning. Some people say that the power source doesn't exist, most are certain there is one.
Now the exceptions happens because Dragon Shapeshifters can be born or made. Made ones are created for three reasons: 1, they were people drowning and a Dragon Shapeshifter came along just before they died and shared of their power; 2, They fell in love with a Dragon Shapeshifter and decided to join them in their life in the ocean. This time the Dragon Shapeshifters don't do the transforming themselves in this case. The power source in the ocean does it for them as it can sense the desire and the deep bond between the person and the Dragon Shapeshifter; 3, the person requested to become one, though this is rare since the fear of drowning is strong in most people and it is basically a test if they are worthy to have the power. Ones who have fall in love also have to prove that they can risk drowning for their love and the power.
(A note should be made that a Dragon Shapeshifter should not be confused with a Dragon King [the word king means both female and male users of this power in this world]. While a Dragon Shapeshifter can transform into a dragon, a Dragon King can not. A Dragon King can only take or steal a power from a real dragon to use, which said power shows up as a spirit of a dragon around the Dragon King. They can't touch a Dragon Shapeshifter's power.)        

Captain of the Ocean?
Description: While magic isn't involved with this title, it is one of honour and the person has a lot of influence, as well as respect, from climbing the ranks and settling on top. So basically they are people who rule over the fleets that goes over the ocean. Every single boat and ship is theirs. If there is an "illegal" ship or boat, they have every right to take it or destroy it when it is found and also do whatever they want to the person or people involved with the ship or boat. They make the rules and they are feared.

Their position can be challenged. If someone believes they can outwit and overcome a Captain, they can fight against the Captain. The winner can decide to kill the defeated or have mercy. The same person, if they lived, to have another fight against the Captain, though it means that their chances of surviving again get slimmer with each time they try and lose.
The Ocean is a neutral zone in the war and if any of the fleets are attacked without the fleets attacking first, the Captain has every right to ask revenge - which is a term for asking for blood, money or goods from the people who attacked them. Marcus and Zyes or even Len and Morrow, the leaders of the third army, do not have to or even need to be involve if they weren't directly involved. They can intervene and help at any time before the deal is made. If the soldiers who attacked the ships don't have any object that the Captain wants, Captain must make the decision to ask for blood. Letting an attack go unpunished is against the unspoken requirement of a Captain. Mutiny is acceptable in this one case.     

Beast Whisperer?
Description: Basically a person who can make any beast tamed, including beings who have a beast form or characteristics, like for example Dragon Kings and Dragon Shapeshifters. They can't control them, but they can stop them, making them calm or putting them to sleep. They can train any beast that is an animal, but that part takes time. Depending on the animals and the level of training, it can take months or years. The most basic training, which is to be friendly to people, only takes weeks. That training is the only one that takes the less time to do. A Beast Whisperer can undo any and all work of another Beast Whisperer if they have enough time for what they are trying to undo and replace.

A Beast Whisperer cannot be attack by any animal. It is impossible for the animal to overcome their power. A beast being, however, does a chance against attacking a Beast Whisperer, but it is still very difficult and the chances reduces the more stronger a Beast Whisperer gets. The more a Beast Whisperer use their power on beasts, the more strength they gain. It is believed that when taming a beast, especially if they train beasts, they take a piece of the beast's power or share in its strength. No one is sure if a Beast Whisperer gets weaker if one of their beasts die (broken connection) or get stronger (gains the rest of the power from the beast). Since Beast Whisperers are the most gentle and kindest souls around beasts, no one believes that they are capable of abusing their power. And no one hasn't seen or notice anything that shows that they have kill their beasts to gain the full power or strength. In fact, if one beast dies, more beasts will be gathered into the Beast Whisperer's presence. And this behaviour is not commonly believed that they are trying to stop themselves from being weak since they are seen being more gentle and protective of their creatures after each death. A Beast Whisperer would always sacrifice themselves for their beasts if they can and would kill people for them without hesitation.
Beast Whisperers are more likely to be attracted to beast beings than any other beings. People believed that it is because that they can connect to them or bond them on a level similar to their beasts. Of course any connection to a beast being is much more stronger than any connection to an animal beast. A Beast Whisperer and a beast being in a friendship or a relationship together are basically an unstoppable pair. They can be stopped, but the someone to stop them must be equal to their power and intelligence.     

From the world of the Nine Siblings:

Description: A person who can transform into any type of fox. They have several other powers which include illusions, breathing fire or lightning (called fox fire), possession, the ability to enter someone's dreams, fly, control weather, see the future, invisibility, form into inanimate objects and other shapeshifting forms. While the fox is the main transformation, they can form into any other animal, being and even into an exact impersonation of a person's likeness.  

They can live a long time, for hundreds of years. Their tails are the one sign of their age. They get up to nine tails in all. The youngest Kitsune starts with one tail and then the oldest Kitsune have nine tails. They are in the most powerful and wisest stage when they have nine tails. The less tails they have, the less of the powers mentioned above that they can do. A Kitsune's hundredth birthday is the most important birthday, since that's when they gain their ninth tail and reach their full power.
They are well-known tricksters and flirts. They love people, especially those not of their race, but they also use them ill and have a deep fondness to tricking people. But while they have this reputation, they are still quite a wise race and full of knowledge and good advice (particularly when they gain their ninth tail). They also take it upon themselves to punish the ordinary bad people, the ones who don't break the law but treat other people and their property horribly. Sometimes it is personal, but most of the time they see a bad person and want to teach them a lesson.      

Description: A being that can turn into one piece of nature. They can't turn into a tree, they can only turned into leaves or bark or flowers of a tree. They also can't switch into different forms. They only have one form each. The different forms they have are webs, grass, toadstools/mushrooms, berries, stone, honeycomb, fruit, shells, seaweeds, thorns, reeds, nuts, moss and of course leaves, flowers and bark. The type of form they get fits with the personality and interests of the being.

 It should be noted that their forms can changed within the limit of the type form they have. For example, if a Willow had a form of a leaf from a tree that turns orange, red and yellow during Autumn, their leaves too change colour during that season. During winter, though, their leaves will turn back to normal since they can't lose leaves like a tree, unless they have been severely injured. Any willow, not just a leaf one, will lose part of themselves from a serious injury. But those parts do grow back as long as the Willow is recovering. Willows heal much faster than a human.
Willows look completely human in their "normal form." They born looking human, though a Willow will quickly figure out how to transform into their nature form. Transforming is as natural to Willow as breathing, as essential to learn as walking and speaking. All Willows would have transformed some time in their baby years. A Willow can also stopped transforming without any consequences to their bodies, mental health and emotional state. A Willow though will find it harder to transform as they get older if they are not being encouraged or trained with it when they are children. They can be dangerous, easy to lose control of their transformation and can cause disasters relating to their nature form. While most forms are pretty harmless and the disasters won't have any or little impact on their surrounding environment, some forms are very harmful and will have lasting consequences after the disaster occurred.

Swan Guardian?
Description: Beings who have wings like a swan, and known to have the grace and the beauty of a swan. Other than those things, they don't share any similarities to swans. The name Swan Guardian, or Swan Beings as they are more commonly known, are the names given by the humans and other beings. The whole use of the word "swan" is just a way to describe what they are like in a moment.
 Swan Guardians are immortal beings, their home somewhere toward heaven, not heaven itself since they are not angels. They are known as lesser angels, since their behaviour a lot of times seems similar to an angel. But, unlike angels, Swan Guardians can have children and they can be killed by a certain poison made in the darkest parts of the world.

The main role of a Swan Guardian is to fight in the good vs. evil battles that can't be won or easily won by mortal beings. Whether it is a battle by two powerful mortal being armies or something evil from the spiritual realm that is beyond any mortal being's power to defeat, they are the ones to help. They are major advocates for fighting for good. While they can become corrupted, and some of them have from time to time, most of them stay good and devoted their whole lives for good to endure and be the victory in the end. Their job is mostly battle-focused but they do sometimes help in other areas if they feel that their certain guidance and wisdom is needed. Also there doesn't need to be a battle around for a Swan Guardian to arrive on scene. Any sort of fight that they notice needs their extra help, they will come and join in it even if it is small. Generally speaking though, they are just seen more often at bigger and important battles than insignificant and non-world-changing fights.

Since Swan Guardians don't die, they also don't have children as often as other beings. After a century or two has pass will about two to five children are born to them. (It should be noted that while this is the case normally, this also had changed a bit when the poison came into existence, which actually only happened about a hundred or two years ago. After many Swan Guardians met their deaths, more children were produced after the mourning of their loss. When most of the Swan Guardian Hunters were caught and killed, the birth rate almost reached back to the normal rate since the threat was basically wiped out. Swan children are born out of both love and duty, so it wasn't hard nor surprising for this occurrence to have happened.) This child will be raised by all of the Swan Guardians, not just their parents, especially by one of the legends (the most ancient and the most famous in mortal history Swan Guardians) in the community. It is quite common for at least one of the legends to adopt the new child they have and become their mentor for life.
Swan Guardians don't marry, they just go through a private ceremony that helps them decide if the person they want is suitable for being a mate to them for life. Usually they are right, but sometimes they are not. Since that once they have a mate they can't chose another mate nor can separate themselves from their chosen mate, it is important that they have the right mate for themselves. There are quite a few permanent single Swan Guardians because either they chose wrongly and couldn't love anyone else, they didn't love the person who could be compatible to them, or they just didn't find anyone who could a mate for life for them. Swan Guardians are also known to be attracted to only their kind. Falling in love with another type of being is unheard of. 

A person with mysterious power related to darkness?
Description: No one knows where this power comes from nor has anyone seen it before. It displays itself as black swirling fog, constantly moving, and depending on the task of the user, it would either show around the whole body or about the arms or out of the hands.  

The most notable thing that this power can make a person do is teleport anywhere and in a second's notice. They can also take people with them, and there seems to be no limit to how many they can take with them (an army is the largest to count so far). Another thing that is significant with this power is that it is nearly impossible to wound or even touch the person, especially when the power is active at the time.
Since it isn't a born power, people make guesses that a cost was made to get it. It is described by witnesses as "otherworldly" so another guess is that it came from the spiritual realm.

From the world of FHE:

Description: A human with mechanical or electrical features built into their body and with abilities greater than a normal human. Basically a half human and half machine creation. 
Cyborgs first came into existence to be extra assistance to use alongside the usual tanks, foot human soldiers, bombs, guns, etc. but quickly cyborgs took over the whole battle field. More and more normal humans were sacrificed to be cyborgs. People nowadays prefer to call them soldiers, when back in the old days they were refer to as "weapons". Some people who really hate cyborgs will still call them weapons.    
They are the most common design of cyborg and the one based off the original designs. They mostly rely on skills and strength to fight, but they also can generate electricity as a defense. They can also use guns, which are specially designed to severely damage a cyborg, and grenades as well. But strangely enough, cyborgs are seen to prefer hand to hand combat with their electricity as their main weapon against other cyborgs.

Their other abilities are not designed to fight with but rather use to prevent ambushes and find hiding cyborgs or even robots or androids (robots and sometimes androids help cyborgs fight by setting traps or being threats to human citizens). They can sense heat, vibrations, can magnetic target and are hyper aware of their surroundings. They also have the most advanced vision and of course their mind has the ability to keep and store more memory and information than any normal human could. Surprisingly, though, this doesn't mean that cyborgs are smart with technology. Their brains are designed in such a way that it is difficult for a cyborg to be super intelligent with the use of technology (this is to prevent them form getting too far into the system where they must not be) but there are cases where cyborgs have broken through this limitation (which is technically problematic).
Cyborgs must have a fake name for both protection and controlling reasons. This is so that no enemies can control them and that in the event that they might go insane, they can stop them from causing any damage.
People can become cyborgs as young as thirteen, it just isn't common nor generally advised. Generally sixteen to nineteen are better, and ideally anyone in their early twenties to their late twenties are the best choices for becoming cyborgs.         

Cat's Blood?
Description: They are just another type of cyborg, rumoured to be more advanced than a normal cyborg. They are solely a Japanese creation, being only heard of in Japan and nowhere else. Also they are called a myth, since people only have had glimpses of them and never real encounters. Their appearance is describe as cat-like, with claws coming out of their hands, cat-like ears replacing the spot where normal ears go and eyes exactly like a cat's. They are also seen with scars, claw-like marks, on their faces or arms or necks. Even their behaviour is quite similar to a cat.

Description: The super soldier version of a cyborg. They are called a Flawless because they are designed to be the perfect soldier, making the most minor mistakes and never failing their goal or mission. They are about 80% human, their robotic or machine side more of their identity than any other types of cyborgs out there. Sometimes people missed them for androids, for how much they appear like a robot.
Flawless cyborgs have problems with expressing emotion. They are designed so they can't act out in emotion, and they have this device that makes them feel numb or empty whenever their human part is experiencing high emotions. They are completely unable to show how they are feeling on their faces or through their body language. Even their actions to express emotions are limited since the device reduces the feelings to mean nothing to them or confuses them so much that they unable to express clearly. The best way for them to show their feelings is through words, but even then it has its limits and not every Flawless soldier has the ability to express well through speech.
Flawless Soldiers are the most resilient, diligent and strongest cyborgs ever known. The ability to keep fighting after many injuries are incredible. 
It is now illegal for anyone to create a Flawless since they found that it was too damaging for the people who become one. Flawless soldiers were found to be dying quicker and at fairly young ages than any average human or cyborg.   

Description: The scientists who create cyborgs. They preform the operations and are always constantly improving how they make cyborgs. They are also part-time doctors since cyborgs get injured or damaged a lot and they are the only ones who understand how the robotic side of the cyborgs work. They can do up to most forms of surgeries down to treating minor wounds. Some of them are more dedicated doctors, others are dedicated to technology, and others dedicated to research and experiments. 
They called Silhouettes by mostly the cyborg army because they are the people who work in the background, much like how a casual silhouette is seen but not noticed. It is the cyborgs' way of acknowledging of how hard they worked for the war but never really getting the credit for it by the government or civilians. 

From the world of Reflection:

Description: Someone who looks exactly another existing person. They are born at the same time - at the same hour, same minute, same second. Because of this, Doppelgängers have a special power that only unlocks when the two met. Which is a extremely rare occurrence to happen. But when it does happen, the two have the ability to create illusions. With training, they can change the whole setting into something else and can copy the appearances of many different people at once. They can create a whole army of people based on the illusions.
 Every time Doppelgängers look into the mirror, they see their counterpart. Normally, they can't tell that they are actually looking into the face of their doppelgänger, but sometimes, rarely though, one or both of them will noticed something is off about their image. Sometimes they figured out that there is another person on the other side or they just think it is their imagination and move on with life like nothing happened.
Doppelgänger share a connection or a bond deeper with each other than anyone else they will know. Even if they never met, they still do things similar to each other. They always share something common. It can something big, like interest or personality type, or something small, like eye colour or a quirk. It doesn't matter how different they seem to be from each other, they will still bond and become inseparable.
The Masked Man?
Description: A mysterious man who appears out of thin air wearing a full-face mask. No one know how he knows who are the right people to approach, but he is never wrong in his choice. He is basically the man who convinces people that they can fulfill all their dreams and desires at this certain theatre, telling them that it is their best choice, that they will likely fail anywhere else. Sometimes people refuse once or twice or even a hundreds of time, but he never gives up on them. He is also known to picking right times when he appears again to the person. And no matter what happens, whether success or failure,  every single one of those people he chooses accepts his offer and joins the theatre. 

Description: If a thief is successful enough, as in steal a lot of things without getting caught, they will actually become rich and be part of the high class. Half of the high class are actually thieves who have retired on their loot and their descendants. 
It is quite common for the descendants to start thieving themselves, to get their own name and earnings as well as their inheritance. The skill and techniques are generally passed down, but sometimes, depending on the type of thief, some do not want their children to be thieves and will hide that part of their identity.
 Thieves are generally sophisticated even if their backgrounds aren't. When someone decides to be a thief, they are very aware of how their status can change if they play their cards right. It is not known how a street boy or girl thief be able to hide without getting the attention of the authorities, but by the time they reach that point to be one of the high class, they get away with it each time. If anyone is to give away their secret it would be their children, who are trying to make it as thieves themselves. Sometimes their parents get away while their children go to jail, and other times they go down with them.

Famous Hero?
Description: Being a hero is actually a career choice and they must devote all of their lives to achieve anything significant as heroes. They can be hired out for their services or they can volunteer it. It is good to mix good deeds and heroic acts to best make their name known. Heroes who are just for glory don't last as long as the ones who care about helping people. Since half of the fame comes from word of mouth, it is important for a hero to promote themselves well around people. Generally heroes with good hearts and good characters get to be famous but sometimes the other kinds get famous, but it isn't really common.
Most good heroes don't want to become famous, but it happens anyway if they do their job over at least two decades. Being famous really means that the person is experienced and have many skills and abilities. Famous heroes the ones you need for the most dangerous and difficult tasks. If the situation is nearly impossible to fix or high risk of dying, famous heroes are the best bet. Since most famous heroes are generous and are willing to help anyone, it is easy to get one of them or more, if the situation calls for it, to help.
  Most famous heroes in their old age will train one to three students to become the next famous heroes. These students are to carry their teacher's legacy as well as create a new one. Being a student of a famous hero has high standards since they are expected to be as good as their teacher within a decade and eventually be better than them. A lot of heroes start out independent because of this, but sometimes they might have a famous hero as a mentor later along in their hero journey. This happens because they are convinced it is the best choice, or they have failed badly, or they want to really want improve themselves. It really depends on the famous hero and the hero. Sometimes famous hero go out to look for the ones who have the best potential or they just stumble across a hero who needs their help. Sometimes the hero has to persuade the famous hero that they are worth it or they get an offer while during a mission or after it. Sometimes a famous hero would use a hero's task as a test for to find the best hero that they can trained. Also a lot of students drop out during their training or afterwards, and many famous heroes want to avoid training heroes that won't make it.  

From the world of The Silent Nation:

A Mute Rebel?
Description: A Rebel who becomes mute as their punishment. Since rebels don't get killed because people agreed that killing is immortal, they instead cut out the tongues of rebels and then make them slaves in their factories and warehouses. They believed that robbing them of their voices would break them into surrender and stop their message from getting across to other people. Also serves as a warning for those who dare to rebel.
But since rebels trained the people who them as well as educate them with the basics, being mute doesn't disable as much as they do with a normal citizen. But since they never found the headquarters of rebels, their knowledge of the rebels is limited to the facts that they see when they encountered them. The only things that they know is that the rebels are skilled, know how to work a computer and stop a robot.   

A Robot?
Description: They are a mix between a robot and an android. They have a human figure and their faces are designed to resemble humans, but they are also covered in robotic features, which is why they are more correctly called robots, but the name android also works for them.
Robots are the empress's servants, who control everything in the city for her. They are highest order and whatever they say goes. Their main jobs are making sure that people are keeping the rules, that any illegal activity is stopped and keep the computers running 27/7. They also in full charge of scientific experiments and keeping watch over rebels. They may have humans as assistants, but no human is allowed to be in charge of those areas.   

A Law Keeper?
Description: A person assigned by the robots to reinforce the law 24/7. Since robots have other duties than making sure the law is kept, they pick humans from a young age and then trained and educated  them to best equip them as a Law Keeper in the future. When they reach their late teens, 16-18, they will become an official Law Keeper. When on duty, their one and only goal to see and make sure that the law is being broken in any way. Compassion or acting out in emotions is forbidden.
A Law Keeper generally deals with small law problems, the ones that the robots find are their waste of time when they could be fixing bigger problems. But the other main part of their job is to be an extra authority in difficult situations. Robots are well aware that they don't have everything handled and that sometimes a human's help can be beneficial. Plus the human's ability to not always follow what they are "programed" to do can very much be used as an advantage. So a lot of Law Keepers are assigned as companions to the robots as they do their duties relating to the law, though generally it is older, more experienced Law Keepers who are chosen than the younger ones.
Mute Rebels are part of the many duties of Law Keepers, but this one is only assigned to the most loyal and devoted (As noted above robots take great care in keeping their rebels in line, so they are super careful in not getting a Law Keeper that could mess up the system. They realise that the condition of Mute Rebels can cause Law Keepers to rebel.)         

A person with Mysterious Origins?
Description: Basically a person who has escaped from somewhere in the city. Their hair is always dyed a unusual colour, like blue or green or a bright red, and they are always covered in tattoos in the colour of their hair. They never talked about what happened to them, and they completely change their looks and their ID so they are not discovered by robots or the computers. Once they fully embrace their new life, it is nearly impossible to discover who they really are. How they do this, it is not known. All that is known is that they are only seen once, when they are running away, and never seen again. At first people assumed that they just got caught, but there are evidence that isn't the case.   

From the world of Mind and Soul:

Mind Reader?
Description: Doesn't need much explaining, though are some things to note. An untrained Mind Reader has no say in blocking the thoughts of others from entering their head. If there are any person within range, which stretches far quite a distance, they will read their thoughts. Also they are not limited to how many people's thoughts they get. It can be endless.
Which leads to their problem or weakness. While their mind won't explore from reading everyone's thoughts within range, they can't think their own thoughts and get headaches and migraines constantly. Their brain will go into what it is called "the instinct brain", which will make them function enough to live their life. But they can't go beyond eating, walking, sleeping, all the basic actions of any human. After a long time of being unable to block thoughts, they will suffer brain damage.
But this also leads into their strength. Because they read everyone's thoughts within a wide range, they have the advantage of predicting and knowing what people are doing miles away. If trained, they can pick and choose which thoughts to read and which not to and focus on targets. They can tell where people's locations are with their thoughts, by picking up on "thought waves".

Mind Mover?
Description: If this isn't clear, this is someone who can move objects with the mind. Their limit is how strong their mind is. The level of intelligence, knowledge and how quick they learn, will help or hinder their power. But with training, a person even with their disadvantages in these areas can be powerful.
 Their main weakness in using their power is getting fatigue at the time. Minder Movers are known to be tired all of the time and sleep more than any other person with superpowers. But also another problem of theirs, particularly an issue for the untrained, is that they will become an insomniac, unable to sleep or properly rest without using their powers. Even underusing their power could result in a sleepless night, trained or untrained. A Mind Mover must daily exercise their power to remove all of the energy the power creates through their sleep/rest. The results to not using their power properly are mental issues, like becoming severely dysfunctional and even being driven insane.
The strength in this though is that the more they use their power, the older they get, and how well they are trained, the more powerful and strong they are. The longer they use their power constantly, the longer they can stretch the time in using it before getting fatigue. It would result in hours and hours of deep sleeping afterwards, especially when they pushed the limits the first time, but when they finally wake up they are stronger than before and can endure longer using their power the next time.

Soul Switcher?
Description: Someone who can switch their soul with another. This means they remove another person's soul, put it in their old body and then place their soul in the body where the other soul use to be in. This happens in a second and the people who get their souls switch don't feel a thing when it happens. It is only afterwards, when they realise that their soul is in the wrong body, do they get very disoriented and are unable to function well in their new bodies for a long period of time. Since part of the mind of the previous soul is still there, they have to deal with their own thoughts as well as their new body's thoughts, plus adjust to the feel of the new body and the new perspective/viewpoint they are now experiencing.
The soul switcher themselves, especially when trained, don't get confused with any of those things. They adjust easily and quickly without any repercussions. Even the untrained of this kind don't have much problem with switching souls. They may feel woozy for a few minutes, but their soul can still quickly adjust with little or no training. What they can't do is switch with several souls at a time, like a trained one can. To switch from soul to soul within a few minutes would be deadly to their soul and they are likely to get stuck in the wrong body for the rest of their lives or, worse, get their soul, as well the other souls, split apart between each of the bodies they were switching with. This will lead to all of the bodies involved to become split personalities and/or go insane. But while a trained Soul Switcher won't encounter this issue, they still have to careful about how long they are in their chosen body. After even a day and a night in the body would cause their soul to make itself home in the body. This means that soul is becoming one with the body and the mind, slowly entwining all together that a Soul Switcher will start to forget that they are not in their own body. After about a week or less, the Soul Switcher will be convinced that the body they are in is their body as well as the life that the previous soul had. This means that the soul or souls they switched with are now used to their new bodies and can function enough to live properly. Unfortunately, even if the original soul through their new body comes and finds their body, they cannot get that body back. The Soul Switcher is so entwined with the body that it is impossible for them to settle in their original body. That body will now reject the soul. If they pass through several souls before settling in that new body, those bodies will also reject that soul. Basically there is no turning back once too much time has passed.
A Soul Switcher can travel quickly to one place by switching through souls until they have reach where they need to go. Though the more they switch with soul after soul without getting back to their own body will leave them with a "long trail". A trail is when they switched with more than one soul at a time. The problem with making a trail is that they can't go back into their own body out of order. The same path that they created on the way must be followed or they will find themselves eventually in the wrong body. And the problem with long trails is that it is harder to find the right order to get back to their body.
The biggest strength with a Soul Switcher is that they can control any body within seconds and they are hard to stop because of how little time they can switch their soul with someone else's. Because of this, special devices have been made to track and bind the soul of the Soul Switcher, making it unable to move to the next body. Otherwise, a Soul Switcher cannot be stopped.  

Description: Someone who can teleport anywhere in the world by running fast for a few seconds. The person needs to think of a place of where they want to go and then they will be transported to that location in an instant. It is very possible to have no idea where they might want to go, especially if they just want to escape or they were running too fast, and still get transported. The big problem with that it is very likely that they will end up where they don't want to go at all and get themselves stuck in some very unideal situations. Also the more they use power, the more exhausted they get.
If a Teleporter travels a long distance, it will take up energy faster than a small distance. Another problem with teleporting with no idea of the location is that the person is likely to travel far when that happens, which means fixing their mistake gets harder and sometimes they might be knocked out unconscious when they arrive on site. Exhaustion for a teleporter is just the usual shortness of breath, sweating, stitches and to be unable to hold yourself up. But most Teleporters who push too far will experience severe asthma. Not all of them get asthma, but this is rare. Generally a Teleporter will have asthma. And surprisingly, a lot of Teleporters rarely don't push themselves. They are known to have a lot of attacks. Though another thing to note is that long distances or travelling a lot can drain a Teleporter and/or make their asthma kick in. Even small activity that goes little anywhere or nowhere in traveling while using their power, like destroying things, can exhausted them and cause attacks. Teleporter have to be careful how much energy they are using from their power, which super difficult and even a trained one will face challenges since their power is directly connected with the part of their body that creates energy. 
A trained Teleporter can take people with them on their travels, the limit being 5-10 people, depending on what energy they have left. They also can appear mid air, do what they planned to do, and then moved to a new location before hitting the ground. Since they are so fast, it only takes a few seconds to do, but they can't do this without a certain level of skills and experience. They are many things that can go wrong so only the trained and brave can do it without any injuries or problems.         
No one is sure what exactly happens, but so far people have found that when a Teleporter travels, it isn't the body that is traveling, it is the soul, which takes the body with it because it can't exist in the world without one.

I'm making guesses what people would generally go for and what people would just not choose. Though I had a feeling that people will surprise me and I would be like, "Why?" Why, did you choose that?" 😂 Actually there are like two or three that you really don't want to pick so if you avoid those, you're safe from my horror. 😂

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  1. Aaaah, girl, this was EPIC TO READ THROUGH!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED learning about all your new characters but before I get into that....YEA!!!! RIBBON ASH IS BACK IN THE GAME!!!!!!!! *throws our party streamers and starts inviting random people to the party* *passes out snacks and turns on some dance music* WHOO!!!!!! *hugs* I've missed your posts!!!!! Anyway, GIRL. HOW ON EARTH DO YOU COME UP WITH ALL THESE GENIUS beings/positions?????? You're soooo creative!!!!!! Anyway, I am DEFINITELY planning on doing this tag on TWN. It might not be until March, though, 'cause we usually plan our posting schedule a month in advance but it's TOTALLY gonna have to happen. And I shall dedicate the post to my beloved Smoke for his amazingness. XD Anyway I LOVED reading this post and it's AWESOME to have you back!!!!!!

    1. Okay, Ribbon ASh, that comment came from me. I forgot to fill out the name/URL field sooo Unknown is really Issabelle. Personally, I'm a little hurt Blogger doesn't recognize me. I've only commented here like a million times. XD (JK!)

    2. I knew it was you straight away by your words! Maybe because you don't have an account or you logged out? I'm not sure what happened there.
      Thank you! Haha, it is an epic post! I'm so glad you enjoyed learning about my new characters! ^_^ (soon there will be names for the faces!) YES, I AM OFFICALLY BACK! *dances in the party streamers and shrinks a little in the corner at the sight of the strangers while waving awkwardly* XD *eats the snacks and nods head to music, too awkward to dance* XD *hugs you back* Aww, I miss your comments! They always make me happy. ^_^ Um, thinking too much! XD I created all of these things within a year. O_O I'm a little crazy with my imagination. XD Thank you! Yay, I'm so glad you're doing it! I don't mind it being on March. I'm just happy that it is going to happen! I'm so excited for it! And oh my goodness, I'm already getting the fuzzy feelings. It is just so amazing that you will dedicate it to our beloved Smoke! *all the heart-eyes* Your comments always make my day. ^_^

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    4. *Annoyed and excited about all of the secrets*

  2. Eeep I love this! I'm so glad you tagged me, just reading the descriptions made me want to write and read all of your Wip's. Seriously if you need a beta reader, who's not all the helpful but to fangirl. I could definitely do that!

    1. Should've put a comma after write. It makes me want to write my own stories not yours. XD

    2. EEP, thank you! Oh, yay, good! I had so many people I wanted to tag, but I decided to be smart about it and I didn't tag everyone I wanted to, but I really happy with my choices and as I've said, I don't care if they pass it over, because the main thing is tagging people who really want to do it and not feel like they have to.

      Oh, haha, I didn't noticed that at first! Yeah, I don't want you writing my stories. XD Okay, all in seriousness, I am SO thrilled that my ramblings about my WIPs' worldbuilding inspired you to write! Oh my goodness, I feel so honoured right now. And, oh, yay, you want to read them! That too is just so amazing to me! And I will seriously considered you as a beta reader! Probably as the second or third round beta reader so you can get one of the better versions and don't have to worry about giving feedback. ^_^

  3. This is SUCH a cool tag! And oh my word, reading through all of these AMAZING descriptions had me in awe. You're such a creative person - the idea of the Mute Rebel had me SCREAMING with excitement. It's so cool!

    If I get the chance, I'm DEFINITELY doing this tag. (And I echo Skye: if you need a beta reader who might end up fangirling more than helping, I'm down for it XD) Happy blogoversary!!! <3 <3

    1. Aww, thank you! Eep, thank you again. *blushes* I'm so speechless right now... just thank you so much. This comment is making me so happy. ^_^ Ahhh, yes, the Mute Rebel is one of my favourites, and, oh my goodness, I'm SO glad you're excited about it!!! Thank you! I'm kinda of sad that the Hunger Games kinda stole of my idea. Her idea is so similar to mine that I felt like I coped her, but I thought of the idea way before I started reading the Hunger Games!

      Oh, yay! No pressure or time limit! You can do it whenever you like, including never. (Oh, awesome! *writes down you on the list* I will seriously considered you in at least one of the beta reading rounds. I am planning on more than one.) Thank you! Man, I can't believe I've been doing this for a year! <3

  4. This was so fun to read through! Thanks for the tag! If I can get around to it I will :D

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! ^_^ You're welcome! Awesome! I hope you can! I'd love to see your answers!

  5. AHHHHH! I love this post and this tag! You have so many creative ideas. Skye tagged me for this. I was so excited to do it.

    1. Aww, thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoy this! Thanks! ^_^ Yes, I saw that other day. I am so excited to see everyone's posts. Aww, yay, that makes me so happy to hear! Thank you so much for commenting!

  6. I am so sorry I missed your blogoversary! <.> Happy belated Birthday, Virtual Paper!!! *brings more cake and sets off fireworks filled with confetti*

    This tag looks SO fun!!! All of your characters sound so cool and intriguing!!! I love Kitsunes and Dragon Shapeshifters! (I echo Nicole and Skye, if you ever need a beta-reading fangirl, sign me up! XD) Hehe, you made me want to go write while I was reading your post! ^_^ (Like, seriously, you've given me two or three plot bunnies for each group! ;) ) Thanks again for tagging me! I look forward to doing it! ^_^ Is it alright if I put my answers after each group and then have a clean set of all the groups at the end of my post?

    1. Hey, that's rude. I thought I pressed on reply. -_-

      So, um, my reply to your comment is below. I don't know what happened.

  7. Oh, that's okay! I completely understand why you missed it! *eats cake and dances in the confetti*

    Thank you so much! ^_^ <3 <3 Yes, I love them too! They were so fun to write about. (Aww, Oh my goodness, yes, I would love having you on my fangirling team! <3) Oh, wow, that's awesome!! (Oh, cool, can I know what these plot bunnies are?) You're welcome! I can't wait for your post! ^_^ Yes, of course! That sounds good!

  8. Oh my goodness!!!!! This is incredible!!!!! You are such a genius and so creative!!! I loved reading about all the positions! They were so cool and I got so excited when I read about cyborgs!!!! Thank you so much for tagging me!!! I can't wait to do the tag!!! :D :D

    1. Aww, thank you so much!!!!! You are making me blush. You are so sweet!!! Eep, I'm so glad!! ^_^ Thank you! <3 Yay, I'm happy that you like the cyborgs! I personally love my design of a cyborg, even though it is even more brutal than before to become one. Hehehe, oops. You're welcome! Oh, yay, I can't wait myself!


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