One Word for my Writing in 2021

Hello, I am back with my second post for 2021 (which is much more shorter than my last one). This is a reflection on a post I read from the Go Teen Writers site. I thought it would be cool to talk about why I picked the word I did and also this might help me get this word really in mind for 2021.

(Here's the post that started this whole thing:

What word do you want to define your writing in 2021)

To be honest, when I first read this post I thought my word was "focus". But after my writing experience in January, I don't think focus is the right word. I think focus is the word I want for my writing but isn't what I need to help with my writing, if that makes sense. Because focus will quickly become discouraging when focus isn't really what I am doing now with my writing. I just can't focus the way I envisioned it. I just can't focus without being depressed about the little I have done. Focus is helpful and a good word, and I think it still applies for my writing, but it just can't be the one to carry me through the year. Maybe focus would work if I had more of a balance for how I manage my time for each thing I do. But I don't. I'm figuring out my balance as I speak.

So what is my word? Well, using the words from the post, I think these words all work better than focus:

Intentional - because I just really need to be intentional what I spend my time on each day and for how long. One of the reasons why my writing goes to the backburner constantly is because I am not being intentional with the things I am doing before writing and then they devour the time where writing and other responsibilities should be. It gets messy for sure. 

Consistent - I need to build up habits that help me be consistent. Not make me write every day, just doing consistently. I don't want to have a week or two not doing writing cause I can't find the time (I get distracted so easy. My plans need to be more than just thoughts. They need to be actions).

Persevere - This is such a good since I am finding writing so hard right now. My beginning of my story is such a mess that I want to give up and cry. I procrastinate a lot because I know I have a lot of work to do before I can just write freely again, going wherever my story takes me. I need the beginning to be properly done because it will effect the ending. This will save me time from fixing a bunch like I am doing now with my beginning. I just don't want to do it and it is easy to say, "I can do it another day." 

Persist - I want to be determined with my writing. I want to get up every day and go, "I will do this no matter what". I want to be determined to push everything else aside (not my God time of course. Jesus first) and just writing for an hour or half an hour or even a few minutes. Rather than nothing at all. Rather than thinking about it and never doing it. And being able to do it even when it is later than usual in the day when I finally ready for the day (sometimes waking up is hard, especially when you keep on having a lot of late nights accidentally 😐).

You are properly thinking, "Where is this word?" Or "is she using more than one?" In answer to that, I am using one word that I think relates back to the four words I shared above. And it is...


I want to be steadfast with my writing. Being steadfast doesn't imply I need to write a lot or finish the first draft. It just means that I need to be firm, loyal and unwavering toward it. It calls for me to be consistent, to keep going no matter how hard or overwhelming it gets, to be intent on devoting the time it needs to get the progress it deserves.

A whole lot of pressure has lifted.

Since it is February, my question is this: How is your writing (or project if you're not a writer) going? Is it turning out how you wanted to do go, or it is completely different? Is this good or bad?


  1. Aww, girl, you can do this!!!!!!!!! (Besides, you kind of don' have a choice. I NEED to read Smoke's story!!!!) I LOVE the word you're choosing for this year. (Kind of forgot what my word was. *facepalm*) I'm just 100% cheering you on!!!!!! GOOOOOO RIBBON ASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have such a hard time getting myself to actually sit down and write. I want to be more consistent in my writing as well, so if you want an accountability partner..... Overall, though, my writing's going actually kind of okay. It's not turning out at all how I wanted it to be *glares at Keenum for changing up the plot* and man, this first draft is really a sloppy mess. But all that matters is that I'm writing SOMETHING. (And tormenting Keenum at the same time, 'cause I just kind of can't help it. XD #EvilAuthor) I'll be praying for God to help you be more steadfast in your writing this year!!!! <33

    1. I'm sure I can! Just not as fast as I want. (Haha, this is very true. I'm sure people will kill me if I don't finish this story. XD) Thank you! When I went looking for words, this one jump out to me straight away. (Oh, oops. I hope you remember) Aww, thank you so much, girl! <3 <3 You are so sweet and encouraging, thank you. I needed to read this. I know. it is so hard for some reason. I have the passion and everything, but it doesn't make me want to write, which crazy but how it is. Actually, yes, I think I need an accountability partner. Someone who can gently tell me to go write and encourage me at the same time, cause I don't think just saying "go write now" and stuff is helpful for me. The reason why I never asked because I was afraid that I hate being reminded and ignore the reminder when I really shouldn't. Oh, that's so good! I think you are doing well (judging from your update and all). Also I can relate with characters changing everything *glares at my characters while trying not to smile*. Same! But I love my draft of mess as well. Yes, you are writing and that is AMAZING! You go! (Haha, I'm not. It is my character's fault that he is experiencing pain XD #Evilauthorbutwon'tadmitit XD XD) Thank you so so so much! ^_^ I'll be praying for you too! <33

    2. LOL!!! SAME!! I NEVER write as fast as I wanna. XD Yeah, I hope I remember my word too. XD You're sooo welcome!!!!!!! Oooof, yeah, I TOTALLY feel ya on that one, sister! Aaaah, YES!!!!! I need an accountability partner too so maybe we can be one for each other!!!!!!!! Yeah, just saying "go write now" will not be very helpful. Instead, I'd be like: "GO WRITE NOW BECAUSE I NEED TO BE ABLE TO READ ABOUT MAH BOY SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD Better? XD (Yeah, that was just a joke. XD) LOL!!! Yeah, you're smart not to admit to being an evil author. Yeah, it's totally more Keenum's fault why he's experiencing a lotta pain, too. (But there's just a teeny tiny bit that we can probably all recognize is my fault. XD) You're sooooo very welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33 Aww, THANK YOU, GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. AHHHH, I would just love to be your accountability partner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With you, I know you will make it so much fun and also you're so encouraging and inspiring. I feel like you could say "go write now" in a way that motivates me to write!

      I don't admit it because I don't feel evil. I just happened to create stories that will be painful to readers. I don't mean 90% of the pain. The characters honestly put themselves there and I roll with it (I'm being serious. Their pain is by accident.) I agree. Characters should have more blame for their pain than their authors. We are mainly just writing about the pain after all. (What did you do that you are at fault? O_O) You're welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love this post so much! I definitely feel the same way you do about "focus" - I keep thinking about everything I HAVEN'T done, rather than the bits I HAVE done.

    But I love the word you chose! Steadfast is such a good word to have in mind while writing. And I hope that your writing throughout 2021 goes well! <3

    1. (Sorry I took so long to reply to your comment. My original comment was eaten. -_-)

      Thanks! Yeah, focus is a helpful word, but it also isn't at times. It depends on the situation. And, YES, that was exactly how I was thinking with that word in mind.

      Thank you! Strangely it works really well with writing. At first I thought I couldn't use it, but I think it can 100% apply to writing. Thank you so much. I hope so too. I also hope that your own writing goes well too!

  3. Oh I love this post! I relate to it so much. Lately I've been letting things take over my writing time, I don't think I've written in a month? and I need to apply all the words you brought up. I, too, need to be steadfast with my writing. I pray you have a wonderful year of being steadfast with your writing! *hugs* ^_^

    As for how my writing is going, I've reached almost 25,000 words in Roses, Thorns, and Curses and still have no idea where this plot monster of mine is going. XD Right now Sorren is trying to rescue Maelle, while Feyden and Aurana are on a small adventure of their own and meeting new characters, and I'm just sitting here going, "I need you to do thus-and-so, why won't you cooperate!?" *groans* XD I do love my characters, rebellious and stubborn as they are. ;)

    1. Eep, I'm so glad to hear that! Oh, yeah, I completely 100% understand that. Like every time these days other things get in the way of when I should be writing. I working on making it so that I don't get distracted by other things, like ignoring my email for later, don't leave tabs overnight and check discord. Easier said than done, but I'm not giving up! Oh, wow, I'm happy to see that you can relate and that these words could help you with your writing, especially steadfast. ^_^ Aww, thank you so much! I'll pray for you too! *hugs you back*

      Oh, wow 25,00 words is amazing! Good job! *cheering you on* To be honest, I don't know either! My story went out of control too. I'm fixing it up at the moment because it became too confusing with all of the different threads I have been doing (I don't recommend starting so early that the plot completely changes and make your scenes don't fit with the new plot and then go randomly write scenes out of order and then blending all of the new and old scenes together by accident. *coughs* That basically what I did.) Oh my goodness, blessed these characters. It sounds like so much fun also a pain. *can imagine you watching your characters go in the opposite direction of your plan* XD Hopefully though, no matter what happens, you can be happy and proud of your story, and that maybe they might do a bit of what you plan XD Aww, yeah, they sound like amazing characters ^_^ I really hope that I get to meet them!!!

  4. I love this concept so much! I need all of these words honestly, because I'm really struggling with just about every aspect of writing. Especially the steadfast one, perfect choice.

    1. Yeah, me too! Oh, wow, I am so glad I shared all of these words, cause, yeah, I really do understand the struggle and I knew that I needed to be honest of the struggle even though it is hard and annoying to admit that I'm hardly writing at all. Especially with a story I claim to love. YES, steadfast is such a beautiful word and it makes me feel better with my status on writing (even though I haven't written much after this post). Also I just prayed for you and writing today, so isn't that perfect timing?


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