The Bear of Rosethorn Ring Blog Tour: Author Interview and Book Review

Eep, I'm back my second contribution of this blog tour and I'm so excited! I've been waiting ever since I finished it to express my thoughts on The Bear of Rosethorn Ring. So the book review will be first and the author interview at the end (which is so amazing too!)

If you were wondering about the links for the book, the book series and the places where you can reach the author, don't worry, you will find all of them here. I thought it was the best to stick them all in one place rather than two.

The Bear of Rosethorn Ring is now available to buy (its release date was April 6th!) Here's the link to add it to your TBR on Goodreads and here's the link to Amazon to buy it.

Here's the blurb again in case you missed last time I used it.

How far would Snow White and Rose Red go to save the man behind the bear?

When their father runs away, Marita and Diamond Kadlec realise how different twins can be. Martia's ready to forget Lucas entirely, but Diamond wants to give him the second chance she's never been able to give before. That's before they discover that Lucas is indebted to the ill tempered D'vard and his traveling circus, the Rosethorn Ring. The Ring's entertainment lacks a bear, and Lucas must play the part of the savage creature to regain his freedom.
Lorcan D'vard cares only for three things: tending to his beloved beard, promoting his Rosethorn Ring, and eradicating the assassin out to kill him. With time running out, D'vard agrees to cancel Lucas's debt and let him go free - if Martia and Diamond can apprehend the assassin before the assassin ends the show.

This is a Snow White and Rose Red with a twist like you've never seen it before.

Also here's the link to the series, Once Upon a Twist Tales, on Goodreads and Amazon.

Now, onto the review!

Ranking: 💜💜💜💜💜

Content: Honestly nothing to note of. I think a child could read it without a problem, though I think the targeted audience is for YA or Middle Grade. But still, I think it could be a book that the whole family can enjoy together. 

Genre: Fairy tale retelling, historical/steampunk fantasy

Why I love this book: I didn't come in expecting anything from this novella, but I definitely did not expect it to feel like a fairy tale. I think if people were still writing fairy tales in the modern times, this is how they will feel like. And I LOVE THIS VIBE SO MUCH. I honestly fell in love with this story by the end of the first chapter because of this vibe, you guys. Then I soon fell in love with the characters (the ones that deserve love that is), especially the twin sisters, Martia and Diamond.
Since I jump in this tale before reading the first three books in this series, I can safely say that it was good as a standalone story, even with characters, with them starring as main characters in this no less, who were in the previous books (I believe book #2 and #3). It was never confusing or frustrating. Plus this story has grown my need to read the other books in the series. A certain character was only mentioned in this story and I was dying to read about this character by the end (I don't know why, but I think I will really love this character?) Hence why I am SO excited to hear that next the book will be about this character. And why I am now dying to read the book he was in.
Circuses are not my favourite thing (which sounds really weird since everyone I know loves them) but that didn't take away the wonderfulness and the fun from the circus setting nor the story. It honestly really fits in with the story and I would never take it away, even if I prefer no circuses in the stories I read.
I guessed the mystery before they figured it out. *flips hair* I'm so proud of myself because I'm generally bad at guessing plot twists or somehow spoil it for myself (*coughs* long story).
ALSO, you guys, this story did the retelling part SO WELL. I was amazed at all of the nods to the original while being so different at the same time. It had no magic at all, nor it was a romantic story, and nor did it had the mother figure, but was still perfect at following the fairy tale. I'm pretty sure I spotted all of the moments when it was referencing it, but I read the original fairy tale ages ago so it is very possible I missed a bunch.
And, you guys, I LOVED the ending too bits. I so live for those moments. My heart. *clutches hand to my chest*
And can I just add that having a blind person's POV was just the best thing ever to read? It was so cool! This is the second time I've read one and I still think it is amazing. I imagine it would have been a little challenging to write so good job, Kristen!

Thoughts on characters:
Diamond is by far my favourite character. I related to her. I'm a quiet person who is learning to be bold. And her willingness to forgive is so admirable. I loved her line that she said to her sister about how she never given her father a second chance before so this moment was her chance to do so. How sweet is that.
Martia is also a great character. She is so relatable. Don't we all feel like her when people failed us? Don't we want to hold a grudge forever or turn away when the person turns away from us? Yeah, I think so, and I not once blamed her for it. It's so hard. I also loved she was a strong female characters who speaks her opinions openly, but isn't obnoxious or annoying and takes the time to listen to other people's views. She's a gem. 
D'vard surprised me. For some reason, I pictured him as one of those really scary, creepy, crafty villains. The ones who are so dangerous and hard to cross. But seriously, I should have seen it coming (the blurbs says he really cares for his beard which isn't a normal scary villain behaviour). I can't decide if I want to be annoyed by him all of the time or laugh at him, cause he really is a silly character and his responses to things are hilarious. I guess both.
Martia and Diamond's father, whose name escapes me, didn't have a lot of screen time for me to really get a feel for his character. I liked him, at least, and how his story ended was beautiful. 
Dove and Armund are lovely characters. Dove was so kind and gentle, especially to the sisters, a real ally. And Armund was also such a nice soul. How he was so respectable and tolerant toward D'vard was beyond me.
Felix and Samson are interesting duo. I am looking forward to seeing them more because, again, not enough time for me to truly care for them. I mean Felix had a lot of screen time since he is in a relationship with Martia (they are so cute together!) so I definitely love him and think he is such amazing, supportive character. But his history and relationship with his horse, Samson, I don't really know.
Overall, this fairytale retelling is a must read and anyone who loves both the classic and obscure fairytales should not hesitate to check this book out!

Now, onto the interview with the author herself!

Has this story taught you anything new about living life?
I wouldn't say this is exactly something new, but this story really made me think twice about family and responding to what they do to you. Don't ever take one day for granted with them; change is always around the corner, and it may not be the kind of change you're looking forward to. So, when someone makes a mistake and asks for forgiveness, don't wait to forgive them. People will make mistakes and anger you, but you don't have in that anger and hurt both them and yourself. You'll only live to regret that.

How much of the original retelling has been kept in your story?
I tried to keep as many elements as possible from the original fairytale. Snow White and Rose Red isn't a widely-known fairytale to begin with, so I didn't twist as many things as I normally would. Obviously, since I write without magic, I had to change the bear being cursed. My bear character becomes indebted to the dwarf character through a gambling game and has to work off his debt by playing a bear in the dwarf's circus. The two sisters are there, but I don't have their mother. The girls DO rescue the dwarf character three times, and it was a lot of fun to write those scenes! I do also have references to the lamb and the dove that the girls have with them in the cottage.

What is your favourite part of this story? Characters, settings, plot, certain scenes, etc.
I loved getting to revisit some of my favourite characters from previously in the series. Yes, I love all my characters, but Felix and Samson from Spindle Dreams are probably right at the top of the list. Although the story doesn't focus on them a lot, I enjoyed getting a few more scenes with these rascals.
Additionally I loved getting to write the dwarf character, the ill-tempered circus master, D'vard. He was just one of those villains who was too fun to write.
Anyone who knows me knows I love my coffee (although sometimes there's more creamer than coffee), so one of my favourite scenes involved FINALLY slipping coffee into this fantasy world. I mean, I made it three books without it, and it was about time. It's a huge scene, but putting it in there and getting to see various characters' reactions was so rewarding!

About the author: Kirsten is a twenty-something Christian writer who loves being the wife to her favourite person ever, mommy to precious blessings, a piano enthusiast, a dragon buff, a serious bookworm, and an INFP synesthete. Fairytales have always fascinated her, and she has made it her goal to rewrite as many as possible and become known as the "Grimm Dickens" (i.e. mixing Grimm fairytales with a Dickens style). She is present in many online circles under the name "Kiri Liz" if you care about things like that. As you read this, She'll be somewhere under a maple tree - trying very hard to finish the seventeen and half other stories she unwisely started all at once.

Well, this concludes my duty to this amazing blog tour (you guys, all of these posts listed below are awesome. I should know since I have been following along). Farewell, Virtual Paper Adventurers!   

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ha What do you think of this story now that you have read a review on it? Have you have been following the blog tour? Did you like the interview?


  1. I think everyone who's read the previous books is going to tell you that you need to read those, too. *winks* Spindle Dreams (#2) has a lot more with Felix and Samson and their antics, and Seth is predominant character in Diamond (#3). I'm so happy that you liked it well enough as a standalone -- that was one of my goals. I wanted new readers to be satisfied with the story by itself, but then be curious about the other books.

    Although, I shouldn't be surprised anymore with how popular Seth has become. A lot of people who read book #3 got mad at me for not including him in book #4. *shrugs* His story's coming, but this wasn't it.

    YES. You're so right. Writing from a blind person's POV was HARD. I forgot a few times that I was writing from her POV and described a few things by sight. *le horror* Thankfully, I caught them all in editing. I'm still a little shocked I did that. XD

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful and sweet review! I enjoyed reading this so much, and I'm VERY glad you enjoyed the book! <3

    1. Yep! I'm sure they will! I've been telling myself that, haha! Oh, yay, I really need to read those two then! I did! I really think you achieved it so well! I am satisfied with the story by itself and I am curious about the other books in the series - though curious is a bit of understatement, haha.

      Haha, I can already see that! Even I who hasn't read about Seth before was sad not to see him. Well, maybe the next book would calm the enraged fans?

      I imagine it would be since you're removing the main way people experience things. Easy enough mistake when it's natural to see anything. Ah, thank goodness for editing! That would have been terrible otherwise. Haha, I was so impressed that you did that!

      Aww, you're so welcome! Thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! The amount of times I almost forgotten to mention something was often. This book is awesome, and I can't wait to read the other ones! <3

  2. *flips hair*
    Well, I'm your favorite character...

    Hehe, great review! I'm anxious to get into this series.

    1. Um, have we met? Who are you again?

      Thanks! Same! I really need to read the rest!

    2. Oh, I just changed my pfp. My screen name is Diamond, which is why I said that about the favorite character....
      Sorry if I confused you! I'm still the same old Diamond from IH12OP and BABF.

    3. Oops, I think I meant to add XD to show I was joking. I know who you are, Diamond. I was just confused about the favourite character bit so made a joke of it. Sorry about that!

  3. Fantastic review and interview too! I liked Diamond too.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, the interview was awesome! I enjoyed reading her answers! Yay! #Diamondneedsfanlove.

  4. Great post! I really want to read this. It's so cool that you got to interview Kirsten.

    1. Thank you! You should. It is amazing! Yes, it is! I love this interview.

  5. Eeeek I LOOOVED YOUR REVIEW AND YOUR INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!! Between you and Jen, I am seriously convinced to read this soon as I get that chance. I did not entirely follow the blog tour, BUT I did get a good chunk of it from a few of the blogs I follow that did it. (Oooh, and I saw you won a book or something so CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! Free books are always just that much more awesome. XD)

    Also, I TOTALLY get ya on the not liking circus part. I've never gotten into it, either.

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! Yes, yes, yes, you should read them as soon as you can!!!!! Well, that's fair, it is a pretty long blog tour. I fell behind pretty quickly because so much to read and so little time... I have caught up but it was like a day or two after it finished. (Aww, thank you! Yes, I won a book! I now have the whole series and I am so stinking happy right now. <3 Yes, totally! Free books are the best that I can't help hoarding them but never reading them, haha. I'm planning to fix that in 2021 or 2022.)

      Oh, yay, I am not the only one! I don't feel so alone anymore. :)


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