Sins, Sons, and Siren Songs Cover Reveal

I'm so thrilled to do another cover reveal for the book Sins, Sons and Siren Songs! It is book 2 in the YA fantasy series, The Pirate Hunter Chronicles, by two amazing women Sarah Rodecker and Helena George who are releasing this from their very own publishing house, The Order of the Pen Press.
Why do I keep on doing cover reveals for sequels in a series that I haven't started yet?

Anyway, here's the blurb, which I imagine has spoilers for book 1, so be careful if you haven't read it yet.
A song on the wind.
A broken crew to mend.
A family's honour to be upheld.

Leading a crew is harder than Adi thought. Six months after she took up the mantle of captain, she finds herself facing more problems than she bargained for: a grieving crew and rumours of sirens attacking local ports. But the crew of the High Dragon might have finally found their match in the mythical people of the sea.

Ravin's life was almost normal, until he finds an assassin lurking outside Master Jermaine's shop and is forced to flee once more. But Treynair del Mankayl cannot be avoided forever and Ravin has to decide his fate: to run for the rest of his life or stand up and face his greatest nightmare by fighting his father. Only this time, he isn't just trying to save his own life, but that of another as well.

When Adi and Ravin's paths cross once more, they are thrown into a storm of myths, assassins, and consequences. But will they be able to weather it with the crew tearing at the seams?

I am in love with this story already.

Before I go reveal the cover, I have some preorder goodies to announce here first.

Physical goodies (U.S only):
  • a bookmark
  • Justin's shortbread recipe card
  • A Siren sticker
  • Tea
Virtual goodies (open internationally):
  • Kindred, a Pirate Hunter short story
  • Justin's shortbread recipe download
Now I will shower you with links.

Ebook preorder:  

Signed paperback preorder:

Preorder goodie form:


The Order of the Pen Press:

And now is time for the cover reveal! As in start scrolling until you see a beautiful cover. 😂 

😍😍😍 I LOVE IT SO MUCH, YOU GUYS. People are so good with their covers these days. Like look at it. It is AMAZING.

This beauty releases on May 4, 2021!

What do you all think about the cover? 


  1. It's so pretty! Can't wait to read this one!

    1. YES! Me too! Once I read the first one that is, haha.

  2. I have never heard of this series before, so now I have another book to add to my TBR.

    1. Yep, you do, haha. I needed to get back at you for making me add on my TBR recently. XD

  3. Aaaah, you're SO right!!! These cover designing people are doing AMAZING at these covers!!! EEEKKK!!! I LOOVE DAT COVER!!! *all da heart eyes* Wait it releases May 4? As in dunn, dunn, dun dun, dunn, dun dun, dunn, dun dun. (Man, it is soo hard to hum the Star Wars theme song in a comment XD) Anyway, this is yet another book where I'm soo excited for the sequel and I haven't read the first book yet. XD Well, AWESOME POST!!!!!! LOVED IT!!

    Also, er, I just have to do this: And May the fourth be with you!

    1. I actually know who did the cover for this book and she is very talented! Her art deserves all of the love. *all da heart eyes* Yep! Haha, yeah, I guess it is like the Star War theme. It is not that far away!!! Haha, same! I am even more excited to read the first book now! Aww thank you!!!

      Haha, love it! This is the second time you made me laugh so much. XD

    2. OH, wow, that is SOO COOL!!!!!! YESSS!!! Her art totally deserves all da love!!!!!!! Hehehehehe....You're SO welcome!!!!!!

      Aaaah, Izzy is on a role, then, huh? *pumps fist in the air*

    3. I haven't met her yet, just follow her social media on Instagram and I have looked at her blog. Just a glance and you can see how amazing her art really is! *heart-eyes*

      Haha, yes, you are. :D


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