Guest Post: Looking Ahead at The Twist Tales

 I am so honoured and excited to have Kristen Fichter on the blog!!! I have been only following her newest blog for a little over a year, but from the small interaction I know her as such a nice person and her love for fairy tale retellings is so contagious I totally believe I am more obsessed with them than I was before. (If you're looking for good fairy tale retellings, check out her blog. She has plenty of reviews you can look through.)

Okay, let's get onto the guest post, which was so interesting to read I bet you guys will enjoy it. 😊

I am one of those writers who writes by the seat of their pants - Or, a panster, if you will. My plans for what book I'm working on and even what I'm writing in that book change constantly, so I don't normally announce titles or release dates until I'm 100% POSITIVE that's what's coming next. Just keeps things more flexible and easier for me.

My fairytale series, Once Upon a Twist Tales, has been that way since the beginning. I'm never quite what comes next until I get there (or at least to the overlooking hill). I have ideas for the next few books, but I can't say if those will actually be the next few books. However, I can offer a sneak peek into some retellings further on in the series (or spin-off series, if it comes to that) that I'm really looking forward to writing. Ya know, once and if I get there.

Cinderella the Cobbler 

I've seen the Twelve Dancing Princesses story where the solider was turned into the cobbler (*looks at the Barbie film*), and it just got me thinking: what if Cinderella was the cobbler instead of the slipper-wearer? I'd retell it as a mystery/private investigator story, where Cinderella is hired by the prince to locate someone - probably a spy - based solely on the footwear the person left behind. Since glass slippers aren't that common, it shouldn't be that hard to find the spy, right?

Clara the Gingerbread Baker

I love The Nutcracker. I've always wanted to write a Nutcracker retelling, and I think the Twist Tales will eventually get one. When Clara inherits her grandfather's beloved bakery, she's horrified to discover it's been overrun with mice. Throw in a random solider who has connections to her grandfather, refuses to talk about his past, and has a broken leg that practically makes him useless for anything except for sitting and cracking nuts for the bakery's sweets - and that may be more than Clara can handle.

The Lion and the Journalist

The Wounded Lion is one of the obscure tales that I'm dying to retell. So far, there are no retellings of this Spanish fairytale - that I can find. The story centers around a shepherdess who helps a wounded lion and ends up facing off with a giant to save a prince. In my version, however, the shepherdess is a new journalist looking for that first big story to jumpstart her career. In a time when the politics of the Lions and the Giants threaten to topple a country into war, she's very interested to know if the mysterious man she's saved from being run over by a railcar is a Lion who can give her the story she's looking for.

Snow White and the Snow Queen

I've seen a lot of mashups involving Snow White of the famous tale, but I've yet to read any mashups that use both Snow White and the Snow Queen. It'll be a lot of snow, guaranteed, but I'm interested in seeing what would come out as a retelling. When a rogue band of dwarves kidnap his bride-to-be, one tribal prince would risk blizzards and more to rescue her and bring the ransom dwarves demand. The problem? The ransom is his tribe's special mirror, the most valuable and and powerful object of the north - and they won't be giving that up easily.

A Bit of Gold: A Rumpelstiltskin story

THIS is something I can announce. The Official title and fairy tale retelling that are to be book five of the Once Upon a Twist Tales. I'm really excited about this book, since it'll wrap-up the last of a certain arc with a much-beloved Trothen alchemist. I don't have a official release date yet, but I'm hoping for sometime next year. Here's your teaser: When Rumpelstiltskin can't make gold for himself, he'll go after the alchemist who can.

Doesn't her ideas just sound like the best things ever? All of them are so good, I would 100% read them for sure. My personal favourite is the Nutcracker retelling.

Fun fact is that I do know of a Snow White and Snow Queen Mashup. I'm not sure I've mention it here yet, but one of my favourite game series is a hidden object fairy tale retellings called Dark Parables. I am so obsessed with them (I have played all of them except for one because for some reason it became unavailable to play *cries* and its preview was so good too) and all of the stories are pretty good (even the ones that are not as good as others are still pretty good overall). One of them happens to mix Snow White and the Snow Queen together into one of my most favourites stories ever. It is the third one in the series. If you're interested in them, I highly recommend you play in order because a lot of them are connected to each other and it isn't as good if you can't understand the connections. Technically, though, they are basically standalones stories. Can still be enjoyed I think out of order but I genuinely think you will be a little confused with some of them. (Yes, this is me convincing you to pay some amount of money to play all of them. And, hey, there is one site that still has that one unavailable game up to play... I am totally plotting to pay money to get access to this one game I have been deprived of. My fandom love for this game series is incomplete without knowing the end of this story.)

Also I am very excited for this Rumpelstiltskin retelling!!!!!!!!! Cause I was thinking I needed a story with this character in it so...

Anyway, I hope that all of who have venture here today enjoyed this guest post (and me rambling about Dark Parables)!

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Which story idea retelling of Kristen's did you liked the most? Are you thinking of playing Dark Parables??????


  1. *nods seriously* If you're more obsessed with fairytale retellings now because of me... I did my job right. XD

    Ooohh, I've never heard of Dark Parables before! *rushes to go look it up* I'm not much of a video game player, but this sounds SO INTERESTING.

    Thanks for such a fun post! I really appreciate you being a part of the blog tour! <3

    1. Annnnd I forgot to click "Notify me" for other comments. *slips in and clicks it quickly* Okay, thanks again! :D

    2. Haha, yes! I think you did your job very well. XD

      I would particularly recommend it to anyone who loves fairy tale retellings (they are really good at doing retellings with both obscure ones and classic ones. I honestly found it really inspiring on the retelling side.) One of the best things about Dark Parables that even non-gamers people can enjoy it. It's really relaxing, it only takes a few hours to complete the whole thing per game and the puzzles and finding hidden objects are generally easy. Plus the retellings are so good (I'm sure already mentioned this...) Oh, yay! I hope you will enjoy it when/if you play it! The first one isn't that all amazing but it picks up with the second one and keeps on being amazing with a few not as amazing ones in-between... So basically even with the "meh" ones just keep on playing because I'm pretty sure you'll find an amazing one the next time (this is assuming you don't hate every single one you played, haha).

      You're welcome! Aww, I'm super happy to be part of this amazing tour! <3 <3

    3. Haha, glad you remembered you forgot to do that. You're welcome again! :D Also thank you so much for including me in this whole thing! It really means a lot to me to be part of something like this. <3

  2. Oh, these sound so interesting! I hope Kirsten writes them someday....
    I just got her first book and I'm excited to read it!

    Ooh, a Snow White/Snow Queen mashup? Love it!

    1. They are! Me too.
      That's amazing! I also got her first as well as her second recently, and I am very much excited to read them too!

      It's genius! I thought it was brilliant when Dark Parables did it and I would be very excited if another one is made!

  3. Eeeekk LOVED THIS GUEST POST!!!!!!!!! I am SO obsessed with the fairytale retelling genre, so as I was reading some of the author's next story ideas, I'm over here nodding being like, okay, BUT WHEN CAN YOU WRITE THIS SO I CAN LIVE THE REST OF MY LIFE PEACEFULLY AFTER I READ IT!!!!!! *deep breaths* Okay, that was a bit exaggerated, but seriously, they sound SO GOOD!!! I'm especially interested in the A BIt of Gold and the snow white/snow queen cross over. AND the game series you mentioned sounds REALLY COOL!!!!!!! Hehehehehe, I hope you won't have to be deprived of your fandom love for too much longer. XDD

    1. I'm glad! I know, all of them sound SO genius! I'm really really really hoping that she will be able to do all of them in the future!!! Yesss, those retellings sound amazing! I'm very excited for them myself. Dark Parables is REALLY COOL!!! (Does that mean you are going to try them out *puppy dog eyes please?*) Me too!!! XD I have to get a membership on a game site which is why I haven't done it yet.

    2. Well, I obviously can't make any promises, but I might. *cheesy thumbs up* It looks like it'd be REALLY AWESOME, though!!! <33 Aaah, I see. Makes sense. ;) (Also, soo sorry for how long it took me to get here. My weekend was sooo crazy, I'm wondering where in the world it even went. *looks under the sofa* *peeps into the refrigerator* *gives up trying to find it* XD)

    3. Well, at least you like the look of them and might try them out. That is enough for me I suppose. XD
      (Hey, it is okay. I know how busy you are and don't pressure yourself to comment on or read my wee little posts on time. *laughs at you as you look for it and then give up on it* XD Also, I'm wondering if my email to you went through or not. I can't tell if you haven't looked yet or it isn't there.)

    4. Aww, well, I have to pressure myself because I LOOOVE YOUR POST SOO MUCH!!!!!! So yes, reading your post are a pretty high priority on my list. XD Oh, yeah, if you're talking about our writing check in email, I was finally able to get to it today. Er, sorry about that late response. BUT I have finally decided it was about time to schedule out my days so I have time for everything (sorry, Procrastination, but you've just gotta go) so anyway, that should be the last time I'm late on the writing check ins!!!!!!!! *cough* hopefully *innocent smile*

    5. Awww, thank you so much!!! <3 But still, don't pressure yourself! Do it when you can do it. :)

      Oh, okay, cool. Don't sweat about it! I was just worried that it didn't get through or something. I hope that your scheduling works out for you! And it is okay if you're late with replying. I don't mind at all. :) <3

  4. Ooh, these are all fantastic ideas!

    1. They so are! I really love in them right now. She is so creative with these fairy tales!

  5. *gasping and sighing and oohing and awing about "The Wounded Lion"*
    How did I not remember this fairytale? It's absolutely spectacular! And definitely hasn't gotten enough love. I demand more retellings of this fairytale be told. *looks at mystelf and the suddenly-remembered idea I have for it*

    1. Sounds like a "Wounded Lion" fan here. XD
      There are so many it is easy to forgot one or two. Oh, cool! I should read it some time. I feel like most fairy tales need more love (though some of them should be forgotten, haha). Well, let's hope that Kristen does one. I am not much of a fairy tale retelling type of author cause I like doing my own ideas. Though I do have a few retelling ideas up my sleeve cause my brain is weird and decide to be inspired by certain fairy tale after declaring I won't ever do retellings. *sighs* It can't make up its mind. And, oh, you should totally do your own retelling! I bet it will be awesome! After all, the best person to do what you want to see is you!

  6. All of these sounds amazing! Love any Rumpelstiltskin retelling.

    1. Yess, they do! Cool! I haven't read any Rumpelstiltskin retellings yet. (I don't know what I am missing right now...)


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