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Today, I've got a unique tag about a favourite author of mine! I've enjoyed reading her books so much, even if they are intimidating by their huge sizes. The questions are so awesome and I can't wait to answer them.    

But first, here's the rules:

  1. List the rules. (Doing)
  2. Answer the questions provided in the tag. (I will)
  3. Use the provided tag image. (This one ^)
  4. Link to the creator (Diamond of I have 12% of a plan)
  5. Provide a bank set of questions for anyone who wants to complete this! There are no nominations for this tag. (Thank you, nominating is hard)
And now for the questions!

1. How many Marissa Meyer books do you own?
None. 😱 I know that's horrifying, but I am fixing that one day. I only found her since the end of 2019 and I love burrowing books from the library (cause you don't have to wait, and if you don't like a book, you can just return it without wasting money or a copy of it).
2. Have you read all of the Marissa Meyer Books?
No. I have yet to read Fairest (I decided to at least try it some time), the next two books in the Renegades series (trilogy?) and the comics about Iko.
And of course any new book that comes out.

3. Which character in a Marissa Meyer book do you relate to most?
Cress is definitely the most like me. She is not exactly me, but she's the closest. 

4. Lunar Chronicles, Renegades, or Heartless?
The Lunar Chronicles without a doubt.

5. Who is your favourite couple in the Lunar Chronicles?
Scarlet and Wolf. They are just adorable together (especially Wolf). Those two give me the most feels when it comes to their relationship/romance.

6. What is a fairytale retelling that you would add to Lunar Chronicles?
Jorinda and Joringel would really work in this setting I think (plus a sweet romance which is part of what the Lunar Chronicles is about).

7. What would your superpower be in Renegades?
I was thinking drawing things to reality would be a good one for me, but then I don't really like drawing things so I suck at art... So instead I will go with turning my body into butterflies (that fits me so much better anyway).

8. Renegades or Anarchists?
Okay, a mini rant will be here. Cause while I would choose the Renegades' side, I don't approved how biased they are toward the Anarchists or how arrogant they are or their certain plan which is a spoiler. While Anarchists have some valid points (or at least Nightmare does), they still do bad things and encourage those bad things, which I don't approve of at all. They even think it is okay to do bad things, which it isn't. But I can't blame them at that the moment since Renegades never gave them a chance of a redemption, treat them like trash and unintentionally making their superheroes bullies. Plus opening the door of letting them treat villains less than humans.
What's the point of changing if no one cares or wants you to? If they unconsciously want you to stay a villain?
Just putting that out there. 

9. What would rather have a movie of, TLC, or Renegades?
This is actually hard to decide. Both would be epic as movies. But since I love Lunar Chronicles more, I'll picked that one.

10. Which Marissa Meyer book cover do you like the best?
One of the Renegades covers (I can't be bothered to pick a specific one so deal with it). They are the most pleasing to my eye personally.

I had so much fun answering these questions! If you want to check the original post, click here. Otherwise, see you around.

Have you read a Marissa Meyer book? If so, did you liked it? Are you a fan of her too?

P.S. While scrolling through all of the books and things from Marissa Meyer on Goodreads, I found another short story about the Lunar Chronicles! I have not read it yet, but I can't wait to! It is about the Lunar Chronicles characters in quarantine! If you're a fan or have read the Lunar Chronicles, you should check it out! It is called Covid-128.


  1. Oh cool! Fun post! So far, the only Marissa Meyers book I've read iS Cinder — well, I listened to it by audiobook. It was pretty good, and I want to read the next one, but I wish I could get my hands on a real copy! :)

    1. Yes, it is. :) You listened to Cinder? That is awesome. One of her best, and a good one to start with. But, yeah, a real copy is so good. I hope you do get a copy one day, and that you enjoy the next one!

  2. You did the tag! I'm so happy you did it. I agree with most of this. Great post!

    1. Yes, I did! I'm glad you agree on most of the things. XD Thank you!

  3. Oooh! This looks so fun! I LOVED your answers!

    The funny thing is I literally *just* got all four Lunar Chronicles books from the library to read for the first time and started Cinder last night. I may just have to do this tag once I've read more of her books! ^_^

    I also completely agree on your mini rant, while I haven't read that series yet, that kind of situation does greatly annoy me and make me want to slap the characters with their own book when they won't allow the other characters to change for the better and keep throwing their past mistakes in their face.

    1. Yesss, it is. Thank you!
      Oh, cool! Yes, you should! The tag is just awesome.
      Oh, cool. I'm not the only one! Yes, it is so annoying. And, yes, can we please slap them with their own book? Thanks.


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