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Aww, I always feel honoured in being tagged. So I was tagged by Julia to do the #WritingCommunity Blog Award and I am super excited to be part of this new and unique tag!

The Rules:

  1. Display the award logo on your site. (I just love tags that come with these)
  2. Link back to the person who tagged you.(Here's the link to Julia's #WritingCommunity Blog Award post)
  3. Answer 5 questions.
  4. Tag 3 blogs (must be blogs related to writing, not book review blogs) and ask them 5 new questions.
  5. Follow as many blogs with this award as you can! (I will certainly try to)
And for the questions!!!

1. What does your writing routine look like?
All over the place. I'm still figuring it out. I had a routine at the beginning of this year, but I lost by the middle and I haven't picked up any real routine since then. In this post I talk about my up and down routine in depth on question 10.

2. Is there a genre you love to read but don't write?
Mystery, romance, contemporary and historical fiction. I couldn't answer with just genre because I love all of these, but I don't write them. 
Mystery because I want to do a really intelligent, plot-twists-you-didn't-see-coming sort of mystery. Yeah, I have high standards for mystery. But it is because I watched/read so many mysteries that are just entertaining but not mind-blowing with its mystery, if that makes sense. I have also watched/read a few mysteries that have achieved that mind-blowing thing. Those ones are the ones that leave me the most satisfied and I want my readers to feel the same when they read my mystery story. So I have never tried, but I want to and hope that I can one day.
With romance, while I enjoy reading stories centred around a romance, I personally don't want to write one. I want more to my stories than a romance. That's why they are remaining just subplots.
 Contemporary because, to be honest, my brain finds them boring to create. I enjoy reading them but I  cannot get the same joy. The close I got to enjoying contemporary is when it has supernatural elements. I know. It doesn't count.
And historical fiction, cause simply I would hate the work it takes to create one. I like to research quite a bit on things but not a whole lot. I am truly in awe of the people who write historical fiction.

3. How long have you been writing?
I started to want to write when I was 11 or 12, but only went beyond a few paragraphs of writing when I was 13 or 14. I believed I started my first novel when I was 14. It's all a bit foggy but I have been thinking about more lately and it's getting a little clearer to me.
4. What's the most difficult thing about writing for you?
Descriptions and worldbuilding. Descriptions takes a while to form and it is something I basically skip on until the second draft. Worldbuilding in general comes out half-baked cause I struggle to just sit down and write out the worldbuilding properly.

5. What's the most fun part of writing for you?
Characters and everything related to them. Personalities, flaws, arcs, appearances, etc. They are just so fun to make them feel human, giving them depth and complexity. I just love the discovery, in my head and on the page.
Also creating plots, especially with events that are so connected to the characters' inner journeys, is another thing that is just so fun.

Here's my set of questions now:

1. What's the best writing advice you have heard?
2. What's the worst writing advice you have heard?
3. Why did you make your blog a writing one?
4. Are you a writer first or a reader first?
5. How many writing ideas do you have on hold for the future?

And I tag...
Jenna @ Jenna Terese (I know I tag her a lot, but this tag is perfect for her blog)
Bree Dawn @ The Long Voyage

I really don't like writing the endings for these posts so there isn't one

So what about you? What's your most fun part of writing (or reading if you're not a writer)? What do you struggle with as a writer? What's a genre you don't write in and why (or a genre you don't read in)?


  1. (hey, ending a post is hard, that's totally understandable ;) )

    Ooo, this is such an interesting tag! I loved reading about the genres you love reading but don't write. Mysteries are SO HARD to pull off, but I have total confidence that one day you'll write an AMAZING mystery story! :D

  2. (Haha, thanks for understanding! :))
    Yes, it is! I'm so glad to have been tagged! Aww, thanks. I wrote a lot on that topic! Oh goodness, thank you for the confidence in me. I really hope I do!

  3. THIS IS THE VERY FIRST TIME SOMEONE HAS EVER TAGGED ME AND I COULDN'T BE ANY HAPPIER RIGHT NOW. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! Also, I might have seen on Julia's site that you were tagged and had been secretly hoping that you would tag me, so this is VERY EXCITING!!!!!!!! *happy dance* I'll probably do that tag about that first week in January! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

    Most fun part of writing? Like you, it's the characters, but also the world building...and occasionally the plot. Hard thing? Those pesky description of things. They're soooooo hard! I don't write historical fiction 'cause I don't do a TON of research in stories, and GREATLY admire people who do that and write AMAZING historical fiction novels. And I don't write horror stories. *shudders* I've gotta be able to sleep, y'all. XD Anyway, this tag looks AWESOME and I LOVED reading your answers!!!!!!!!!! <33 Can't wait for the next post!!!!!!!

    1. OH, REALLY? I DIDN'T KNOW THAT. I'M SO GLAD!!!! YOU'RE WELCOME! Haha, oh, that's cool. I was hoping I would be tagged as well when I was reading her post so both of our hopes came true! Yes, this is very EXCITING. *happy dances with you* Awesome! I will be on the look out! I CAN'T EITHER.
      Characters are just the BEST. Oh, worldbuilding is fun and, yeah, I understand that plot can be pretty hard. Yes, those descriptions are struggle to write out for sure. I basically give up on them when I'm writing until later. Hey, I'm so same with historical fiction as you have read. I like researching things, but NOT that much research. And, yeah, I will say it again, those people are just incredible and deserves crowns for it. Haha, yeah, horror is just a plain no to me. Not only that I get freaked out by scary things easily, I also just can't imagine things that are that dark and scary.
      It really is! I'm so happy that you're part of it now!!!! Aww, thank you! <3 Oh, you will JUST LOVE THE NEXT POST. This time, it is the one you're hoping for!

    2. YES for the next post!!!!!!! You need not say anymore!!!!! ;) XD More SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I always find myself wondering if any of us have a writing routing. XD
    It would be great but I can't seem to stick to one.
    Worldbuilding is so hard!

    1. Haha, yes, I am wondering too.
      Oh, yes, it would be so awesome. My writing "routine" has changed so much over the years I had been writing that it is almost crazy. Only just slight changes in each year or season or writing project have created a whole new "routine" for me.
      100%, though it can be super fun once you get a light bulb moment. Like a vague cool worldbuilding idea suddenly fleshes out and can actually work in the plot as well adding depth to the world and culture and often the characters too. It's a pity that doesn't happen a lot though. *sigh*

  5. I haven't written much in a while, but I think I'm going to attempt a novel this year. Wish me luck XD

    1. That's so cool!! I honestly wish you luck!! You go!

  6. I loved reading this post! ^_^

    My writing routine also tends to be all over the place, lol. XD I want to write a mystery too! I actually have a series idea hopping around in my plot-bunny pen that I'm excited to one day delve into. I also generally prefer my romance to be a subplot and I don't really write contemporary, though I have a few ideas. Each time I've tried to write historical fiction it always turns into some sort of fantasy! XD

    Hey! That sounds like how I first started writing! I tried to write in my tweens but never got past the first paragraph. It wasn't until I was about 17 that I got serious about it and stuck with it.

    Descriptions and worldbuilding are hard for me too! And sometimes villains.

    ...I think we're writing twins or something because characters and creating the plot is my favourite part! (Fine-tuning said plot is a different matter entirely. XD)

    Happy New Year!!! ^_^

    1. Thank you! ^_^
      Yeah, sometimes you just can't get a routine, but I think it is a season thing, so no worries! As long as you are writing! Oh, that's cool! I hope you get to write your mystery! In all honesty, I really like romance the best when it isn't a focus in a story. Oh, ideas? Like real contemporary ideas? That's more of a step than me! XD Haha, that's great! Just like my contemporaries! XD
      Oh, wow, that's so cool!
      I think it is pretty common around here. XD Oh, villains. That's fair enough. I have too much fun with villains cause I like to give them redemptive arcs or something that is human or relatable. I take special care of my villains cause I know there are so many flat villains out there.
      That is SO awesome!!! Maybe we are! (haha, yes, that is a different matter.)


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