The Reread, Rewrite, Burn Book Tag

Today, I've got a tag (from Alabama's blog) that I will probably regret doing.

The way it works is that you use a wheel (this one here) to help you decide between three books each to reread, rewrite or BURN. There are twelve books and four rounds.

To be honest, my plan was to use a random bunch of books so it wouldn't be too hard (I got books that I was okay with burning). But then it's not fair that the three other people before me had to burn their favourite books and be in a lot of pain. So I redid it and now I am doing only 5 stars books. Every single one is amazing and I'm going to cry. Why did I made this even harder???

 First round

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Six of Crows by Leigh Burdugo

I hate this wheel. Why did it to have pick these??? Also fun fact: When I originally did this, the wheel chose these three so I didn't changed it cause. it. is. so. painful. I can't believe that its first pick ever with ok books it did THIS. JUST AHHH.

Okay.... my choices... NOO I DON'T WANT TO.

Okay, take two... *takes a deep breath*

Reread: Cinder, cause I think it is a YA masterpiece and I CANNOT TOUCH IN ANY WAY. Just no.

Rewrite: Six of Crows, cause I could rewrite this? I would probably just tweaked it here and there cause it is amazing as it is. 

Burn: A Monster Calls, cause IT IS GOT THE SHORT END OF THE STICK. I have no reason or excuse than just that I couldn't burn the other two.

OH MY GOODNESS, I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT I BURNED A MONSTER CALLS. *Sobs* Excuse me while I go cry over its ashes. *Sobs again*

Second round

The Memory Thief by Lauren Mansy

Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson

The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski

Oh, dear, I hate this one too (what am I saying? I hate all of the rounds CAUSE I WAS SILLY ENOUGH TO DO 5 STARS BOOKS AHHH.)

I know which one to burn but which one to rewrite....

Results are:

Reread: The Memory Thief, cause it is amazing and really clever.

Rewrite: The Winner's Curse, cause making some of the conversations between the two main characters less frustrating (and having her win a few) would be nice. Though again, I think it is perfect as it is.

Burn: Sorcery of Thorns, cause again I COULDN'T BURN THE OTHER TWO BOOKS SO THIS ONE HAD TO BURN. I'm truly sorry. You did not deserved to burn in any way.

Also another fun thing is that originally both Sorcery of Thorns and The Memory Thief were in the same round as this time. What of the odds of that happening...

Third round

Fawkes by Nadine Brandes

The Merchant's Daughter by Melanie Dickerson

The Evaporation of Sofi Snow by Mary Weber

Reread: Fawkes, obviously, holds this place automatically. There are no questions or debate on this one. AT ALL. It is amazing and such a beautifully written piece of work.

Oh goodness, I do not want to choose which one burns to ashes!!! 😭

Rewrite: The Evaporation of Sofi Snow, cause I feel like I could rewrite something in this. Maybe make the beginning less uncomfortable to read? I honestly don't know, even though the beginning made me uncomfortable, it was perfect for the overall story so... *shrugs* I just know there is something rewrite about this. 


Fourth round

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi 

Renegades by Marissa Meyer

Within These Lines by Stephanie Morrill

*Silently sobs as I make the decisions*

Reread: Within These Lines, cause it is generally a brilliant book that talks about a real issue and a piece of history that isn't so well-known in America. 

Rewrite: Children of Blood and Bone, cause I would like to changed how the romance happened between the main girl and boy to be more realistic and slow-burn than it being a really shallow instant love one. Scenes with the characters just spending time together, getting to know each other as general people, would be awesome before they are head over heels for each other.

(The first book that I generally wanted to rewrite.)

Burn: Renegades, cause it has... to. *cries*

*sobs over all of the favourite books I had to burn for this evil tag*

I wish I had stuck to my original plan. At least that one had a nice balance of pain. This one was PURE TORTURE. I so regret this. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this (I didn't for sure) and have a great day!

Also consider yourself tagged if you are willing to try this out!

So what did you think of the books I burn, rewrite and reread? Would you do the same choices or something different? 


  1. WHAT HOW COULD YOU BURN A MELANIE DICKERSON BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? That's...just...*sobs with you* Man, this tag is just...AAAHHHHH *hiding in my room and locking the door* I COULDN'T IN ANYWAY BURN A BOOK I REALLY LOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm kind of with you about choosing one star books. I mean no one has to know, right? XD Don't worry, I shall keep my lips sealed about the smell of burning paper coming from your little blog to others and the horrid things this tag made you do. XD ;) I wouldn't come out mentally the same if I were you. XD (Also, was this the post you said I was gonna like, 'cause I was kind of hoping it was gonna be part 3 in Christine Smith's Know the Novel series? Though, I still REALLY ENJOYED THIS POST. But...SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more?)

    Also, also, I'm having a bit of problems with Teen Writers' Nook's email list, and it kind of looks like on my end that you (and also a few others) haven't been receiving our newsletters. I just wanted to check and make sure that it just wasn't registering and not that you haven't been getting them.

    1. I'M SORRY!!!!!!!! I had no choice. *sobs again* Haha, I only burned them for the challenge, CAUSE OTHERWISE I WOULD NEVER DO IT. I'M SO GLAD THIS THING IS FAKE. To be honest, I couldn't burn books that I hate. It is so depressing to watch a book burn! Haha, if you want to keep this post hush-hush, fine by me! Though if anyone judges me for my cruelty with these books, I will challenge them to do worse. I honestly think that I did a good job of hurting my bookish heart. I bet that no one can beat me. XD Hmmm, I think I'm fine despite this tag, though who knows if I am really fine? XD (I was being rather sarcastic when I said that you'll enjoy it. XD Oh, oops, I'm sorry! I should left a hint then! That is coming! I just want to do one more tag and then it will come. Hopefully very soon, but sometimes finding the time is hard. And I'm glad you DID enjoyed this. NOPE, Smoke is the best reason ever! I'm biased but whatever. XD)
      I have not been getting any newsletters. I think I signed for the email list twice so...

    2. Oooh, I didn't catch on to the sarcasm. Sorry. XD Hey, that's TOTALLY fine, just whenever you wanna do it. But I will be waiting for Smoke's return!!!!!!! TOTALLY the best reason and no one should question it. XD
      That's what I was thinking. I've been having sooo many problems with this newsletter. Yeah, it did come through that you signed up twice. I'm trying to rack my brain for ideas on how to fix this, but honestly I'm stumped. Maybe, if I unsubscribe you from my end and then you can resubscribe. (???) I honestly have no idea what to do, so I'm opened for suggestions. I have a few others I think this is happening to. I'm almost wondering if maybe I should do these newsletters through a someone else.

    3. Actually, being sarcastic was just in my head when I wrote that cause I was totally not clear on sarcasm! So it's totally fine that you missed it (it wasn't there anyway). Aww, that's so awesome! I love that you're eager about Smoke and his story! It makes me so happy and very excited to do the final part of the linkup! YES, he is the best reason that shouldn't be questioned at all. XD
      Hmmm, sound all very complicated. I have no idea myself since I haven't tried newsletters yet. What thing are you using for the newsletter?

  2. I'm using MailPoet, something from WordPress. I don't know. It's VERY complicated, hence why I'm having soooo many issues. Maybe I should google search what to do. (??????) I feel like SUPER bad that you've not been getting them. So, don't think you've been purposefully missed. It's that WordPress can be complicated and never wants to listen to what I say. *glaring at WordPress and technology in general* XDD

    1. Oh, I see, I have never heard of this. I'm planning to use Mailchimp since I've heard and seen it being successful. It is free until a certain amount of subscribers, which is a lot. Anyway, yeah, google search would be a good idea. Hopefully you can get it fixed soon! I honestly thought that either you hadn't had a newsletter yet or that it wasn't working so... Aww, don't feel bad! I understand completely! Also, if there is anything I can do to help, just let me know!

    2. Ooooh, yes, Mailchimp I see used a LOT!! In fact, I'm seriously considering about switching it to that. It just depends if I feel like messing with everything. So, yeah, we'll see. Yeah, I've had some going out. Actually, now I feel bad, 'cause I offered for all of my subscribers to submit questions for me for a collab I'm doing Tuesday. And now I realized you didn't hear about the offer. So, if you'd like to submit some questions for me to answer, you can through Teen Writers' Nook's contact form. Don't feel obligated or anything, just didn't wanna leave you out. Okay! I'll TOTALLY let you know!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Okay, cool! Oh, don't feel bad! I don't even remember to check back for posts on your blog. It is all good. What is this collab you're doing? What is it about? Knowing me, I will probably totally forget to think of and submit questions anyway! Awesome!!! :)

    4. It's just a Q&A collab with another blogger. But the two of us were terrible at coming up with questions, so it was just like hey, if there's anything you wanna know about me you can ask so I don't have to think of anything. XD I can be a bit lazy at times. XD Oh, like I said DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT!!!! I've already got more questions than I know what to do with. Obviously, there's a lot people wanna know about me. ;) Like I said, I just didn't wanna leave you out or anything. :)

    5. Oh, cool! Fair enough. Thinking up questions is hard. Oh, nice, awesome! I was totally not going to do questions anyway cause, yeah, questions are hard to think of! You do got quite a crowd! Thanks for including me! That's so sweet! :) <3

  3. Ooh I'm so glad you did this post!! *applauds*
    And..... I feel your pain. I FEEL ITTTT IT IS SO AWFUL AHHHHHHH
    (Also I really need to read Six of Crows and Fawkes. They sound amazing!)
    AWWW you burned The Merchants Daughter NOOOOOO! But. I do understand. ;)

    1. Thank you. *bows*
      Yes... a lot of pain bled into the post as I wrote it. *holds back a sob*
      (Yes, they are! You totally should!)
      YES. *sobs* But the funny thing is that I burnt it cause it was actually perfection. If only I could have found something to rewrite about it. Then I would have very reluctantly and with tears in my eyes let other one burn.

  4. I'm just glad you didn't burn Children of Blood and Bone. I agree about the romance but if you burnt it I would have unsubscribed (sorry). Lol I might do this tag on my site. It sounds fun.

    1. Rest assured, I would have never burned it. I'd have to be insane to do it. Haha, fair enough! I would understand, though I'll be very sad to see you go (and will regret my choices forever XD).
      Yes, do it! I'd love to read it!!! It is actually quite fun!

  5. Love this concept, but it's so hard to choose.

    1. It is pretty cool, but it is just rude that they made it favourite books so yes, it is, 100%.

  6. Oh, my goodness! *sobs with you* I could never burn a book! (Unless it had really trashy stuff inside, then I'd burn it gladly. ;p) And yes, don't you dare burn Cinder! XD But, but, NNOOOOO!!! Not The Merchant's Daughter! Even though this post was painful ;), I enjoyed reading it!

    1. *sobs on your shoulder* I couldn't for real for sure. Not ever. No exceptions. I didn't! *wipes forehead in relief* Ahhh, I think I made a mistake in burning The Merchant's Daughter. *sobs* I'm glad that you still enjoyed reading it! :)

  7. This looks so painful!
    Also, now I want to do it to torture myself...hehe.

    1. It is painful!
      Yes, do it!! It is surprisingly really fun.


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